OSRS Zulrah Rotation Guide

OSRS Zulrah Rotation Guide

Do you have 80+ combat stats? You can make tons of money by fighting Zulrah. However, Zulrah isn?t easy and lots of players underestimate this snake. No more! This article will teach you how to master the osrs zulrah rotations so you can take on the money snake whenever you have the time.

Use a zulrah helper

Just like osrsguide mentions in their osrs zulrah guide over and over, when first learning zulrah, you should use the zulrah helper which predicts the rotations for you. This way, you know exactly where to stand, which protection prayers to use and which attack style to use to prevent taking any damage and get the maximum DPS (damage per second).

The way the zulrah helper works is you use it on your smartphone, second monitor or have it next to your Runescape client on your screen. Next, simply fight zulrah and let the helper do the hard work for you.

After about 10?20 zulrah KC you will be able to move on from the zulrah helper and do the movement/prayer switching yourself!

Zulrah only has 5 rotations

Unlike what players may think, Zulrah only has 5 total rotations. This means that getting used to them actually doesn?t take long at all. The first phase is always the serpentine form, afterwards zulrah most commonly turns into the magma phase which then has 2 serpentine rotations coming after that.

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Other options are serpentine or tanzanite form spawning on the left side, each of which has their own rotations.

Don?t be afraid to die a lot

Zulrah is a safe death. If you end up dying to the snake, you can teleport back to the docks and talk to the priestess to collect your belongings. This makes zulrah really easy to master unlike other bosses where you often have to travel far or do certain activities (such as acquire kill count) to get to the boss. Instead, zulrah can be teleported to by using a teleportation scroll which you can buy from the grand exchange. Does it get any better?

Hopefully, this osrs zulrah rotation guide has convinced you to do zulrah and also thought you how to master the zulrah rotations. They really aren?t that hard, you just have to get started!


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