Cheapest Coffin You Can Buy

Cheapest Coffin You Can Buy

The cheapest coffin you can buy is a cardboard coffin.

(we would say that, wouldn?t we? Our name is the Cardboard Coffin Company, but bare with us?)

And buying one can save you hundreds.

How?? You may ask.

Well, a standard traditional coffin usually costs 750-1,000 with most funeral directors. Whereas cardboard coffins start from as little as 160 online.

You could easily save 500+ by having a cardboard coffin instead (oh, and funeral directors shouldn?t charge you for buying one elsewhere ? e.g. online).

And as a bonus, they are environmentally friendlier too. Most are made from recycled cardboard and don?t contain any parts that do not biodegradable (like metal handles, or decorations).

Now, lets get to it, lets show you the cheapest coffin you can buy.

The Absolute Cheapest Coffin You Can Buy

The absolutely cheapest coffin you can buy is a cardboard coffin thats available on Ebay.

It is 95 plus 65 delivery. Thats 160 in total.

It is this one?

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This is casket shaped (the difference between coffin and casket shapes is explained well here) and is the cheapest we?ve found.

P.s. this isn?t one we sell, but we wanted to show you the cheapest coffin you can buy.

The Second Cheapest

The second cheapest is this one?

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This is 230 and delivery is free.

As you can see, this is a coffin shape. It is more expensive than the absolute cheapest coffin but there are a few added benefits:

  • It has a more attractive and traditional looking appearance
  • Rope handles that don?t leave a hole in the coffin (the handles on the cheapest are cutouts)
  • Available in more than one size (5ft 8?, 6ft 1?, and 6ft 7?).

We (the Cardboard Coffin Company) and other online retailers sell this coffin. It is available from us at 230 and we?re the cheapest online supplier (we know because we have compared prices).

Plus we have a 100% guarantee. All of your money back if you are not satisfied.

A Few More Options

For 10 extra (240 with free delivery), you can have a cardboard coffin with a superior finish.

There is the woodgrain effect?

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And the simple white finish?

Image for post

Again, we have compared prices for you to be sure that we?re the cheapest.


In summary, the cheapest coffin you can buy is one that is made of cardboard.

The absolute cheapest one is 160.

The next one up has a more attractive appearance and costs 230.

Spending a little extra, a total of 240, will buy you a cardboard coffin that has a superior finish (not the normal cardboard appearance).

This guide is taken from our blog, thank you for reading.


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