FAT32 vs NTFS vs exFAT

FAT32 vs NTFS vs exFAT

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Hello guys i am here to give more information on file system.

It is used to format all hard disk and pen drive, or when installing new windows. This option is asked to select file system of the hard drives.

Fat32 (File Allocation Table) It is most common file system used. It is an older file system created in 1977 by Microsoft.FAT32 has been the default file system for floppy drives and hard drives. It supports single file up to 4GB in size and volumes up to 2TB in size. For example, if you had a large video file over 4GB in size, you cannot save it FAT32 file system. And if you have 3TB drive you cannot format in single FAT32 partition.

This is the format window for FAT32


NTFS(New Technology File System) It is the new file system which was founded in 1993 by Microsoft.It has higher theoretical limits. It is more secure and have a better performance compared to FAT32 file system. You can convert any old FAT32 to NTFS through convert command or by formatting the external device by selecting NTFS file system.

This is the format window for NTFS


exFAT (Extended File Allocation Table) is a replacement for both NTFS and FAT32. It is used where there is size limit in FAT32 is unacceptable and where NTFS is not a feasible solution due to data structure overhead.

This is the format window for exFAT


Compatibility is the main issue with file system, so you should use FAT32 mostly in your pen drives and SD cards. Mac OS X now has full read support for NTFS drives, but Macs can?t write to NTFS drives by default. This requires additional software or tweaks. Linux before was not able to read/write in NTFS. DVD Players, Smart TVs, Printers, Digital Cameras, Media Players, Smartphones, Anything With a USB Port or SD Card Slot, these can only read FAT32, some might read NTFS but not for sure, so FAT32 is advised for all.

If you want your PD or SD to work on any other platform other than Windows, Mac?s or Linux definitely use FAT32.

So for pen drive and memory cards FAT32 is better file system, unless u have a file over 4gb to copy, and NTFS is good for Hard disk with size more than 3TB and exFAT is not mostly used file system though it is better by not supported everywhere.

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