My Kink: Peeing During Sex

My Kink: Peeing During Sex

I?m not embarrassed anymore

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I have something to admit. I have a pee fetish. And I?m no longer ashamed!

I was reading Meaghan Ward?s excellent article Pee Play is My Kink of Choice and I was suddenly inspired. Until then, I felt like I was the only one, and therefore I must be some sort of weirdo.

Well, it turns out I?m not a weirdo, after all. Well, not because of this, anyway. In fact, I?m finding out my kink is totally normal. And I?ll bet some of you might be into the same thing that I am.

I posted an article the other day titled My Sexual Bucket List, inspired by the trend started by Yael Wolfe. And in this article, I described my fetish. Surprisingly, this one got a lot of positive attention, so I figured I should discuss it further, and explain why I?m so into the idea.

Basically, I get turned on by the idea of peeing during sex.

Imagine this:

Both he and she drink a whole lot of water before sex? to the point where their bladders feel an overwhelming pressure.

He enters her, and after a few moments, he relaxes, succumbs to the pressure on his bladder and just lets go, peeing into her vagina.

I imagine this would feel amazing for both him and her. For him, I?ll bet it would feel like nonstop ejaculation, and for her, the feeling of getting filled up like that would cause her to have the most incredible orgasm.

I?m fascinated by this idea, and I can?t stop thinking about it.

Where does this all stem from? I?m not sure, exactly. But I think it?s quite innocent.

During our youth, most of us boys had this thought once we realized that we could insert our penis into a girl. And what do penises do? They pee!

I remember having the talk with a bunch of boys around fifth grade, and we all reasoned that this is what sex was about. You stick your penis inside a girl?s vagina, and you pee.

It?s a prepubescent thought, for sure, one that we abandoned once we learned the real mechanics of sex.

But some years later, the thought came back for me. Around the time I hit 40 a few years ago, I felt myself going through a sort of sexual awakening. All of a sudden I had all of these ideas I hadn?t ever considered when I was in my 20s and experimenting sexually.

And I wondered how it would feel to pee inside a vagina. To just lose control of my bladder. And as I thought about it, I got more and more fascinated. The idea of releasing into her pussy, and her reacting by clutching onto me ? her pussy gripping and contracting as I filled her up, as she descended into orgasmic bliss ? really turned me on.

Now it?s all I can think about.

OK, I get it. It might sound a little odd. And some people reading might have a few reservations. Let?s discuss.

First, let?s dispell a few myths?

You can?t pee while hard.

Yes, you can, actually. Anybody who has ever woken up with morning wood knows you absolutely can.

It may be difficult at first and may require some practice. You may need to relax for a moment or two, but it will come.

This is unhealthy.

From everything I?ve read, it?s really not. It?s said that urine is mostly sterile. The biggest issue would be the possibility of messing with vaginal pH levels. So it probably shouldn?t be done regularly. According to sexual health expert Madeleine Castellanos, M.D.

?If [you] want to do it every once in a while, it probably wouldn?t be a problem especially if she?s not that susceptible to infections,? says Castellanos. ?But if it?s done very frequently, some women might find it irritating afterwards.?

So as a sometimes thing, I see no problem with it.

However, be aware that you could pass an STI to your partner this way, so please make sure you and your partner are fully aware and open with each other.

STIs are another concern, since anything that could be passed along through sexual contact could be passed when urinating inside your partner. ?These do not come from the urine or bladder itself, but can be passed along from the inside of the urethra or prostate during urination,? says Castellanos, since urine passes through prostatic tissues on the way out.

This could even be an issue if you?re peeing externally and you have an STI that could infect regular skin, like herpes or HPV. It?s highly unlikely, but it?s possible that traces of the virus could be carried along from the urethra, says Castellanos. But if you and your wife are mutually monogamous and have recently been tested, this wouldn?t really be an issue.

EWWWW! This is sick!

It?s not. It?s actually totally normal, and we need to change the way we think about this.

I?m no longer ashamed and weirded out by my fetish, and you shouldn?t be, either.

According to this article:

A penchant for watersports ? or more technically ?urolagnia? ? is not exactly uncommon. Last year during a nationwide study for Channel 4?s ?Great British Sex Survey?, it came in at number 9 in the UK?s top sexual fetishes. Stats on kinks ? especially taboo kinks ? are notoriously hard to gather, because there are many things lots of us enjoy that we?re unwilling to admit. Even still, the survey estimated that at least one million British people are into watersports.

I want to approach this like an experiment, and I want to see what it feels like for both of us.

First of all, I want to know? what does it feel like for her? I want her to describe it. Does it feel good? Does it make her feel like she?s peeing? Or would it cause her to lose control of her own bladder and pee? This thought really turns me on. I want to make her pee.

Would this feeling cause her to have an orgasm? Perhaps if she has had trouble reaching orgasm in the past, this experiment might help. And if her fear that she might pee is holding her back from cumming, perhaps this is could be a solution ? him encouraging her to pee. I think it?s worth a try.

And then? I?d like to see if she could control his stream by squeezing her kegel muscles. Can she stop and start his flow by squeezing her pussy on his cock? It would be fun to play like this, don?t you agree?

Most of all, to me this act seems incredibly intimate. It?s a sign of a healthy couple, to be willing to experiment like this. I love her vagina and everything about it. Nothing about a vagina grosses me out. I want her to love my cock the same way. Instead of it being weird, to me it signifies trust and acceptance of each other, to share such an intimate moment.

So I want to know a few things: What are your thoughts? Have you tried this before? What did you think?

If you haven?t yet, are you considering it now?

Suppose you hadn?t considered it, but your partner approached you with the idea. Would you try it if they really wanted to?

I want to hear all about it! Comment below, or if you?re shy but would like to talk about it, you can e-mail me at [email protected], and I promise I won?t say a peep!


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