How To Go Down On Your Man The Right Way

How To Go Down On Your Man The Right Way

If you?re leaving out these things, you?re doing it wrong.

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Most men I?ve spoken to share the same opinion when it comes to receiving blow jobs ? they all love it?if the person knows what they?re doing. Look, you don?t have to be a professional pornstar to know the basics, but you can certainly become one with the pointers below. If your man isn?t verbal about the things that he wants, then the least we can do is maximize our chances for positive feedback. In fact, the more confident you are when going down on him, the more comfortable he will become in communicating what?s working for him and what he might prefer less of.

So without further ado, here are a few pointers for the next time you want to go down on your man (Fellas, you?re welcome):

Use your hands.

Start with putting your hands on him ? feel him up. Then begin licking from base to tip, eventually putting the entire thing in your mouth. You can continue avoiding your gag reflex by keeping him angled toward the roof of your mouth. Close your lips around his shaft, being very careful to avoid your teeth.

Use your hands as if they are an extension of your lips. You can move your hands up and down alongside your mouth, or try gently twist your hand for additional sensation. Alternate between gentle strokes, harder pulls, and slightly pumping fingers. This encourages a strong build-up and leg-shaking release.

What gag reflex?

Explore the art of deep throating. Though this isn?t for everyone, some people love it. There are many fortunate women who were spared a serious gag reflex, but have no fear for there is a solution for those of you who received the short end of that stick. Suppress your gag reflex by pushing your tongue down and opening your jaw wide. Then, you can slowly work the penis toward the back of your throat, moving your hands out of the way. Keep him there for a second to enjoy the sensation.

Focus on the right areas.

Every guy is different. Find out in advance what your partner likes and change up your routine to fit his preferences. And for the love, while you?re down there, try asking, ?Do you like that? How do you want it?? Or, if you?re the less verbal type, hone in on his moans and movements as feedback.

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Take notes.

Switch it up.

Alternate your strokes, licks, and sucks around his most pleasurable spots. Run your tongue along the underside of his shaft, flick it along the ribbed edge, and swirl it around the tip of his head. Most men are sensitive on the underside of the tip so try spending a little time on this area and see how he responds.

Don?t neglect the balls.

Gently massage them in one hand and move your fingers to alternate between the two. If you?re adventurous and your man is well-groomed, consider putting your mouth on them. Some men go crazy over having their balls sucked mid-blow job.

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Have fun with it.

If you want to please your partner and show them a good time, act like it! If you?re not in the mood, skip the job altogether and settle for ?movie night? in your pajamas instead. Never give head just because you think you should. After all, sex should be enjoyable for both. Not to mention, the more into it you are, the more turned on he will be just knowing you love pleasing him.

Keep in mind every man is different and some might have their own specific preferences so before anything else, check in and make sure you?re using your time down there wisely. The more in-tune you are with your movements and his nonverbal reactions, the more pleasurable it will be for the both of you.


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