Best Apps like iTube for iOS — iTube Alternative

iTube is a YouTube downloader and player that lets the users play their music and download videos and music of all types from the giant video sharing and hosting platform of YouTube. In addition to simply managing and playing the music, users of iTube can also manage their playlists, can view the history of video watched and can perform many other functions as well. It is also used for bookmarking the videos as well. So, in short, iTube can be said as an application that lets the users download and play all of their media files right from their smartphones. Here is the list of top ten alternatives to iTube.

1. iMusic

iMusic is a perfect music application for iOS platforms. The dynamic interface of this player lets the users control their media content as they want. For those who wants to control their music in the background while working on their important tasks are suggested to used iMusic to get the intuitive features. In short, iMusic provides the users an infinite control over their all type of music.

2. Evermusic

Evermusic is a brand new way of playing online and offline music. Either music is in your handset or in your cloud account, Evermusic can be used for all purposes. Evermusic lets the users access their playlist of favorite tracks that are in the cloud storage or in their PC or Mac systems. The cloud storage services that are being supported by the Evermusic includes Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, SMB, WebDAV, and Yandex.Disk.

3. AudioViz

AudioViz is an application that is used for accessing videos and music from the YouTube and also from the own handset of the users. AudioViz is an application that is regarded as the universal application because of its capability of playing in parties, events, concerts and almost all type of personal to the public entertainment experience. It is a way to create your playlist and managing it.

4. Music Tube

Music Tube is an ultimate music player and YouTube video streamer that lets the users of iOS search for millions of songs available on the platform of YouTube right from their iOS devices. Music Tube lets the users create their own playlist of the favorite music. This highly personalized application lets the users search for the music as they want like searching by artist, name, album and genres.

5. Music TV

Music TV is your gateway to the world of unlimited and free music videos over the YouTube. Music TV lets the music lovers to automatically view the music videos of their music library songs. Music TV allows the music lovers to create their own list of favorite tracks with the songs of their own music library or from the YouTube. Music TV is like your own personal music player and YouTube music streamer that even lets the users share their playlists as well.

6. Pocket Tube

Pocket Tube is a YouTube video player for the iOS users by which they can search for the YouTube videos and can play over their smartphone via this application. One of the best things about Pocket Tube is that it allow the users to organize their YouTube music according to the album, name, and genre and artist name. Moreover, Pocket Tube also supports the playing of music in the even background.

7. AirMusic

AirMusic is the way to access and stream the iOS devices music directly over the WiFi from other devices. This application is highly compatible with almost all devices. This app has no direct relation with YouTube videos. But if you have already saved YouTube videos over your iOS handsets then you can surely access it from other platforms as well.

8. ProTube for YouTube

ProTube for YouTube is a fully featured application that highly integrates the features and functions of YouTube. With this ultimate, highly customizable application and ad-free application that lets the music lovers to stream videos from YouTube and play them on their smartphones without a disruption of advertisements. ProTube for YouTube is integrated with a lot of technical features and tools.

9. InstaTube

InstaTube is a universal video player for YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo and some other video hosting and sharing application. InstaTube lets the users to directly access the top rated video sharing platforms. They can perform all those activities that they can perform directly over these channels like liking, commenting, sharing, disliking, subscribing, bookmarking, etc.

10. SmartTube

SmartTube is a free to use video and music player for accessing and playing the great music of the world. SmartTube lets the music lovers to enjoy the top rated music of YouTube including hip-hop, pop, rock and various other hit and top rated songs around the world. From simple music listening to controlling over the music are the features that provide excitement in a new style.


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