5 reasons that make Groovy on Grails an amazing resource for your next application

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Groovy on Grails has been a silent contributor in the world of tech startup.

Packed with benefits and used by some of the big enterprises across the globe, the Groovy on Grails (or, the Grails) has all the elements to be the pioneer of tech startup revolution.

What are the features of Groovy on Grails that tech juggernauts love?

Let?s explore-

1. Goodness of Groovy:

Groovy is a powerful, optionally typed and dynamic language, with static-typing and static compilation capabilities. This scripting language is based on Java and requires JVM to run it.

Groovy scripts are compiled to Java classes and can import regular Java classes (and vice-versa). This is a big leverage for the developers as they can use the existing Java libraries without any hassle.

Plus, the Groovy code is much concise and expressive. Fewer lines of code trigger higher developer productivity and less code to take care of.

2) Greatness of Grails:

Now, the goodness of Groovy needed a great framework to unlock all the potentials. The quest does end with the Grails.

Grails is a web-framework built on the ?shoulders of giants?, Spring MVC, Hibernate and Site mesh. But, even with all those heavy layers, the framework is convenient for the developers. On top of that, the framework has two outstanding features for the developers-

Convention over configuration & DRY (Don?t Repeat Yourself).

3) Allow developers to be happy while coding

We have already shared the secrets of the developers? happiness while working with the Groovy on Grails. Yes, you have guessed it right. Convention over configuration and the DRY. Let?s explore the benefits in details-

  • Convention over configuration ushers in abundant productivity for the developers.
  • Grails enables you to write DRY code. If you have any existing Java code, reusing it in Grails should be no problem.
  • Developers don?t need to write all the plumbing/boilerplate code with Grails.
  • Here, developers have a big relief as they can concentrate more on turning your ideas into applications instead of chasing after configuring the framework components.
  • As it is free of XML configuration, the Groovy on Grails can help you to develop the application in real time.
  • Grails supports scaffolding. This helps developers to create applications with CRUD functionalities- Create, Read, Update and delete.
  • As there is less coding here, it?s easy to maintain code with the Groovy on Grails.

4) Power of Java:

Groovy on Grails gels well with the Java. The framework seamlessly and transparently integrates and interoperates with Java, the JVM, and existing Java EE containers giving the Java developers truckload of advantage.

The perks don?t end there as Grails has an impressive support for Java libraries and supports 700+ plugins offering massive leverage to the developers.

5) A Perfect match for your startup?s need of faster development and swift deployment

Unlike other traditional Java web toolkits, the Groovy on Grails does not ask the developers to assemble development units which can be tedious. In place of that, the Grails provides a development environment that includes a web server to get developers started right away. All required libraries are part of the Grails distribution and Grails prepares the Java web environment for deployment automatically.

Plus, there is the massive Server advantage for developers in Groovy on Grails. Developers here don?t need to restart their web-container after making every change. It uses an intelligent mechanism to reload and apply the changes made saving lot of development time

The combination of the Groovy and the Grails with the all amazing tech benefits is a great saviour here for you.

Who are using Grails?

Unlike other frameworks, Grails has been a consistent contributor to both the big sharks (enterprises) and the emerging disruptors (startups) of tech-startups. Have a look at their clients-

  • Oracle
  • IBM
  • Netflix
  • Cisco
  • Google

Will you use Groovy on Grails for your next application?

To be honest, you have to take this call as per your business need. At DreamToIPO, we don?t run with any template in our hand. We evaluate the startup ideas, craft our product development roadmap with the validated concept and then offer our tech solutions.

And when we consider Groovy on Grails is the best fit for your need, we engage our best developers to align the best fruits of Groovy on Grails with your business need.

Getting good vibes for Groovy on Grails? Let?s talk now to build your next application.


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