I Watch My Wife Cheat on Hidden Camera

I Watch My Wife Cheat on Hidden Camera

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My wife was fooling around with this guy at work called Ben. It was fairly easy to get a camera in Ben?s apartment. I waited outside his building for Ben to leave, then I simply went into the back of the apartment building, shimmied up onto his balcony, and found an unlocked window. I was in in 15 seconds.

I know, this makes me sound like a real cat burglar. But I was sweating bullets, trust me. Once I was in, I got up on a chair and I installed a little wifi camera up in the ceiling fan above the couch in the living room. Then I installed one in the ceiling fan above the bed in the bedroom. Then I installed another little wi fi cam in the light next to his bed. I used Ben?s own wifi to program the camera to send me all the images. It had been easy enough finding all Ben?s passwords. I sent Lexy a really cute photo I had taken of her in her bikini in Hawaii. ?I bet Ben would love this,? I said. Sure enough, she texted it to Ben. It was encrypted with a bot that traveled through Ben?s iPhone and collected a bunch of information about his home wifi network. Once into his wifi network,I was able to get into all his devices at home. I now had control of the web cam in the laptop that he kept on his kitchen island. I also controlled his Alexa device and began using that to monitor conversations in the kitchen. In the living room, I controlled his Amazon TV and actually used that to film Ben while he was watching TV. He probably had no idea there was even a camera in that TV. Then in the bedroom I controlled a desktop computer which also had a web cam, but that was often turned off so I didn?t know how much I could rely on that.

Oh yeah, I even installed a shower cam in case the two young lovers wanted to shower together. I did not want to miss that.

I was very excited for the next weekend. I knew that it was going to go down. The tension had been mounting. Lexy and I were hardly talking. And from the transcripts I was getting from the bug in her purse, things were heating up rapidly. She had told Ben that we had ?broken up,? but that she was still staying there as a roommate and it was entirely amicable. Ben was very supportive. ?I don?t want to push you into anything,? he said. ?But I would love it if you would come over to my apartment this Friday. I will make you my salmon. No pressure. Just hang out.?

?Netflix and chill?? my wife joked.

?Just chill,? he said. ?Whatever.?

The date was made. I had programmed my wife?s phone to forward me all her texts, and he sent a bunch of emojis and cute messages. She returned them. She blew him a digital kiss. She sent him a digital cupcake. That sort of thing.

Then, since I had access to our credit cards of course, I learned that she visited Victoria?s secret and bought a thong pushup bra, some lacey stockings, a whole get up.


She also when to a place that was called ?Wax Everything,? and I guess she got herself looking all trim and clean down there.

She was so ready.

Wow am I glad that I installed that shower cam. I was watching everything play out in real time on Friday night. I couldn?t see anything during dinner, because I had forgotten to install cams in the kitchen and the little dining area. But I could hear. They were getting a little tipsy and obviously kissing a lot. Finally after dinner then landed on the couch and I observed from above as they started making out. I could hear very clearly now ? the mic was the lastest directional tech, really nice.

?Oh baby,? he said. ?I am starting to get extremely excited. ?What about you??

?Uh huh,? she said, and she went in for another kiss. Then she pulled away and told him, ?Go into the bedroom and wait for me. I?m going to go change.?

They got off the couch and went out of frame. I switched to a display on my screen that split the two images from the bedroom with the image from the bathroom. The shower cam was a wide enough angle that I saw Lexy come in with her large leather tote bag. She pulled some stuff out of there and started changing. She got into a kind of bustier thing that was super sexy. Then she put on some sheer black pantyhose that made her legs look very nice. And she put on some tall heels. She spent a little while in the mirror making her face look just right. She checked herself out, her tits, turned around and checked her nice bubble but in the black lace panties that were visible beneath the cream colored bustier. It was a super hot outfit. I was getting a boner just watching. Meanwhile, in the bedroom I watched Ben get out of his pants and shirt. He had a big hard on pressing out of his briefs. He lay on the bed and he stroked himself a few times down there ? he had no idea anybody was watching, ha!

Then in Ben?s camera, I watched as Lexy came into the room.

?Wo!? he said. ?Look at you, hot mama!?

?I want this to be totally awesome, our first time,? she said. ?So we never ever forget it.?

?Sounds like a plan,? said Ben.

She got on the bed. He came to kiss her, but she pushed him flat down on the bed.

?You just lie down, mister, and enjoy yourself,? she said. ?I?ve been fantasizing about doing this for about three months.?

?Doing what?? asked Ben, with a big grin as he lay back.

?Doing this,? she said, and she pulled his briefs off. ?I love your big cock. I loved jerking it off last week. And ever since I jerked it off, I?ve been dreaming about kissing it.?

She started kissing it.

?It is the most beautiful cock in the world,? she said.

She really loved on that cock, which was pretty nice, it had to be admitted. I switched back and forth full screen from the overhead cam, and the side view from the camera on the lamp. Finally she opened her mouth and she started sucking it. He was moaning with pleasure. I started beating off too, at my desk, as I watched my wife sucking this nice hard dick. It was heaven, to be honest. I?ve never felt anything as remotely satisfying as I did then, watching her put that cock three, four inches into her mouth. Then pull up and push back down again. Opening her throat and taking it in five now six inches. What a blow job!?

?Oh my god!? he moaned.

?Now don?t get too excited,? she said. ?Because I?ve also been fantasizing about this.?

She pulled her panties off and removed her pantyhouse. Now she just had the bustier and the heels. She got on top of him and started kissing him.

?I so want to feel you inside me,? she said.

?I want to be inside you,? he said.

?You are so damn sexy,? she said. ?You?re the sexiest thing that ever lived.?

?No, you are,? he said.

And he pulled her down onto his cock.

?Oh Jesus!? she cried. ?Oh my God.?

The two of them screamed and shouted for about ten minutes as she fucked him on top. I was beating and beating, and every time I felt like I was going to come I stopped, because I wanted to enjoy the entire thing. To watch my wife fucking this guy like this, oh my god. I had never seen her so joyful and abandoned. She was thrashing about and screaming her head off. She looked like she was feeling so much pleasure. And I was so happy for her, because I loved her so much. I?m not sure if she was orgasming or what, but she was making a hell of a lot of noise.

Then she got tired and climbed off him and got on all fours. He got behind her and started fucking her from behind. He really liked that. My wife has a sweet bubble ass. No cellulite. Just tight flesh. REALLY sexy. To see him enjoying that ass, no this was the greatest feeling I?d ever felt. And to hear him moaning so loudly now. Now he couldn?t believe his luck. She was so fuckably delicious and he was fucking her. To watch that big dick go into her, oh I had to stop myself about ten times, but I still didn?t come. And I?m glad.

Because then she lay down and she put her ankles on his shoulders, and he really went wild fucking her. He fucked her silly. And finally he yelled, ?I?m gonna come, I?m gonna come.?

?Me too!? she yelled.

?Me too!? I yelled, absurdly, because of course nobody could hear me.

But we all three came together then. He pulled out of her and shot a big load all over that beautiful bustier. Some even went up onto her face. I saw on the camera she had to wipe her face after he was done.

?Sorry,? he said. ?I had no idea I could achieve that ?distance!?

They laughed. Then they kissed. And then I heard it.

?I love you Ben,? she said. ?I love you so much.?

?I love you too, Lexy,? he said. ?I?m totally in love with you.?

They kissed and they cuddled. I was a bit disgusted with myself now that I had come. I turned off my laptop and went into the kitchen and got a beer. The good thing was, though, that I had everything recorded. I knew in a few hours the disgust would wear off ? and I could watch it again. Which I did. I watched it and beat off about six times over the next ten hours. My dick was raw, but each time I came it was more intense, watching my wife get fucked. It was without a doubt the weirdest night of my life. I watched my wife cheat on me, and I jerked off to it. My dick loved it, even if my heart was broken.

Ain?t love grand?

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