Wife Swapping At The Hotel Party

Wife Swapping At The Hotel Party

My husband and I changed partners for the evening at a swinger?s event

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The swinger?s club that James and I used to go to had parties several times a year where they took over an entire hotel for about 36 hours and made it into one big sex-positive bash. These were some of the most fun times we ever had related to the so-called ?lifestyle? because there was greater freedom to be more public (within the hotel grounds) and open. They also drew a larger crowd than a typical night at the club, so it was much more of a festive atmosphere.

The theme for the Saturday night party was Egypt and I?d bought a short black costume dress that barely covered my ass that I planned to wear with gladiator sandals. However, the hotel wasn?t going to be closed to outsiders until Saturday afternoon, so Friday night was still going to be at the club. I can?t remember now what the theme was for that night or what I wore, but I do remember the petite blonde woman who was topless, except for a series of body chains that had her perky breasts peeking out at every movement.

I had just recently begun to understand how sexually attracted I was to some women, and this one really caught my eye. She and her husband were chatting with some other people a couple of sofas away from us and I had a hard time keeping my eyes off of her. Her husband was fine, but he didn?t grab my attention in the way that she did. Her bubbly and confident energy and her perfect little tits just drew my interest more than anyone else in the club.

I eventually made my way over to her and struck up a conversation. I learned that her name was Shelby and her husband was Cody. After briefly saying hello to him too, I turned my attention back to getting to know her. Soon we were flirting and kissing and I asked her if she?d like to move to one of the curtained-off areas that were more private. I can still clearly remember her taking my hand as we crossed the dance floor, and leading me into an area that had a long banquette which was shielded from the main club. I?d made out with another woman at the club once before and James and I had played with a couple before, although the other woman and I didn?t do much but kiss a little. This was a totally new and different experience.

I was excited about going off by myself with this little spitfire and finding out what was going to happen next. I sat down on the banquette and she straddled my lap. Our breasts pressed together as we hungrily kissed and our hands roamed all the places that they could in that configuration. She kissed and bit my neck in a way that was completely primal, and as much as I loved it, I did have to go buy a scarf before returning home so as not to shock anyone with the bruises and bite marks on my neck, but it was totally worth it.

After a while, she laid me down on the banquette and raised my skirt around my hips. She pulled my thong to the side and began teasing my pussy with her tongue. I?d never had a woman do that before and in between that, the wine that I?d drunk earlier in the evening and the intoxication of her biting kisses, I was lost in a land of pleasurable sensation.

But before we?d gotten too far, the husbands arrived. It?s not that I was unhappy to see them, but it did very much change the dynamic and the trajectory of what happened next. In retrospect, I wish Shelby and I had had more time together but we just kind of went with the flow.

?I can do that a lot better than she can,? Cody said to me as Shelby began talking with my husband James and pretty soon it was Cody who had his face between my legs.

He was better at licking my pussy than she was, but I still regretted a little that she and I didn?t have more time alone together and I think that she did too. I liked him pretty well though and so we played with them for another hour or so and had a fun time before calling it a night.

The next day we were in the lobby of the hotel getting ready to go find some lunch when we ran into Cody and Shelby again. We knew enough not to assume that just because we?d played with them the night before that they would necessarily want to hang out, but we made it clear that they were welcome to join us for lunch, and they were amenable, so off we all went together.

Over the meal, we had more time to really talk and get to know each other and we found that we liked both of them quite a lot. They were funny, playful, and interesting and like us, fairly new to ?the lifestyle? but without a lot of rules and hangups. I still thought that Shelby was amazing but I found myself becoming more and more interested in Cody as we got to know him. They had both previously been in the military and were now nurses ? he in the ER and her in an administrative position.

We laughed and chatted easily and decided that we?d meet them at the pool after lunch. It was like Spring Break for adults, and the pool and surrounding deck were filled with couples and small groups having a few drinks and enjoying the sun. We four stood in the water about waist deep with our overpriced margaritas and continued to flirt and fondle a little. The anticipation of what we knew would inevitably come a bit later was delicious, but after a while, it became apparent that we needed to ?get a room.?

?We?ve got free booze in our room,? Cody finally said, and so we agreed to dry off and meet them there in a little while. It seemed absurd to put on a lot of clothes just to walk to the far end of the hotel hall and take them off again, so I slipped on a clingy sundress without a bra and some wedge sandals. I knew that the hotel was closed to outsiders at this point, but it still felt daring to walk through the hotel in broad daylight dressed like that with my breasts clearly outlined by the nylon fabric. We grabbed our go-bag, filled with condoms, lube, and toys, and headed to their room.

We definitely had good sexual chemistry with Shelby and Cody, and although the guys weren?t intimate with each other, we felt very comfortable all being in a pile together and then sometimes pairing off as well. I did get to play more with Shelby and she was so small and light that I loved to have her lay on top of me, but in a group like that, it still wasn?t quite the same as when we?d been alone together in the club. We fucked the afternoon away until it was time to think about getting ready for dinner and for the evening?s festivities.

Back in our room we showered and started getting dressed. James was ready before me and when he heard Cody and Shelby talking just outside our door to the group across the hall, he went outside and joined them. I was putting on makeup in just my panties, trying to make an Egyptian winged eye and I started to feel like I was missing out on whatever conversation was going on outside.

I thought about finding some clothes to throw on, but then figured, what the hell ? it?s just boobs and some of those people had definitely seen mine before, so I opened the door and said hello to everyone. I did make a little bit of a stir, which was actually quite fun, and then went back inside to finish getting dressed. The one guy from the hall whom I didn?t know decided he was going to help me with my dress, which seemed to kind of annoy his wife, but whatever. That wasn?t my problem. I didn?t really need help and finally got rid of him by telling him that I needed to pee.

After a quick and frankly terrible dinner in the hotel cafe, we headed over to the actual party. We really should have gone out somewhere and grabbed a bite, because I knew we were in for a long night and probably a lot of drinking, but after the sensual and decadent afternoon we?d spent, it was too difficult to think about putting on street clothes and going back out into the civvie world, so we ingested some dry and tasteless hamburgers just to have some food in our stomachs and then hit the party.

The entire hotel ballroom was filled with revelers, many in different takes on Egyptian costumes, and some just in sexy party clothes. The DJ was playing dance music with a thumping bass and a lot of people were already out on the floor. We walked around the periphery off the dance floor and then down the hall a bit to see if any of the private party rooms were yet open. Individual couples had volunteered to turn their hotel rooms into smaller parties which offered a particular type of drink or atmosphere.

As we got a better handle on what was where I realized that Shelby was walking with James and I was walking with Cody. When we stopped, he would put his arm around me, and I thought to myself, ?Holy shit, we really are wife swapping!? We?d sort of done that already in the room together, and in the club the night before, but it just hit me more fully when we were dressed up and navigating the party on the arm of somebody else?s partner. At one point, he pulled me to the side to point out to me the dazzling cleavage on a dark-haired woman in a stunning dress.

As someone who was still pretty new to non-monogamy and to allowing myself to look at women from a sexual perspective, it was deliciously naughty but also empowering. ?Why doesn?t everyone live like this,? James wondered aloud and although I agreed with him that it felt entirely natural, it was only a few months later when James? question answered itself.

We checked out the drinks in some of the individual rooms, but I was not interested in doing that much mixing, so every now and then I?d go back to our room and fill up my glass with the wine that we?d brought. It was a good opportunity to pee in my own bathroom too so that worked out well also. In between trips to the room, I stayed at Cody?s side as if we were a couple and Shelby stayed with James. Of course, we all talked and interacted with each other, but we were more distinctly paired off than we had ever been before.

After 20 years of monogamous marriage, it was fun to not only have different sex partners but also to have that excitement of dating someone new and getting to know them better. In one of the rooms, we ran into another attractive couple who knew Shelby and Cody. ?Dutch? was a tall, blonde with a gentle but fun personality and he said sexy things to me like, ?I hope I get to kiss you later.? We all decided to meet up in a couple of hours, although sadly, it never went anywhere. Dutch?s beautiful wife, Layla got sick from drinking too many different cocktails and he had to take her back to their room. I was always sad that I didn?t get to kiss Dutch. He seemed like just my cup of tea.

James and Shelby and Cody and I danced and chatted with different people and just generally enjoyed walking around in the Mardi Gras type atmosphere. Later we checked out the room where the professional dominatrix was spanking a half-naked woman and another room where people were crowded around watching another woman riding a Sybian, a vibrating machine that gives intense orgasms.

Cody and Shelby had told us earlier in the evening that they had an 11 pm date with a guy friend who was going to help them out with double penetration, something that Shelby had always wanted to try. He had a lot of experience with it, and since it isn?t as easy as it looks in porn, they didn?t want to miss this opportunity. We?d already spent most of the last 24 hours with them, so it really was no big deal to let them go off and do their thing with someone else. That?s part of the deal with non-monogamy. You don?t own anyone else.

We planned to meet again for lunch the next day, and I kissed them goodbye. James and I walked around a little bit more after that, but it had been a long and active day already and I was more than happy to head to bed around midnight. There was no-one else other than Dutch and his wife that I was interested in playing with and since that wasn?t going to happen, we went back to our room happy and made our own party.

When we saw Shelby and Cody at lunch, we finally got to eat some decent food and also got to hear all about their DP session. ?You?re the first couple that we?ve dated,? said Cody at one point and I remember thinking that it was an interesting distinction to make. We did continue to date them for the next 6 months or so until ultimately things fell apart because they succumbed to monogamy mindset and felt that they needed to lie to us rather than admit that they wanted to play with someone else.

There?s no need for cheating in ethical non-monogamy, but apparently they hadn?t gotten the message that simply communicating what they wanted would have been sufficient. We knew that they saw other people when we weren?t together, as did we because we each lived about 2 hours from the club, on opposite ends of the state. We talked and texted in between but really only saw them about once a month.

We?d planned to meet at the Halloween hotel party and had even discussed trying to coordinate our costumes. We?d also talked about going on vacation together, but when they met some new people that they really wanted to spend time with during that Halloween weekend, instead of telling us that, and making a plan to split the time, or inviting us to join, they lied to us ? something which we fairly easily figured out and were incredibly hurt by. This was especially true given how non-clingy but also connected we?d been at that hotel party where we first got together. It was just stupid and unnecessary and it put an end to our relationship.

After that, we stopped going to the club because we didn?t want to run into those two and didn?t want to potentially deal with anyone else who might not know how to act with honesty and integrity. We become less interested in swinging and instead inclined towards the more intimate connections that are characteristic of polyamory. It was a hard end to a fun relationship, but I?ll never regret the time we had together or the hotel party where James and I first did a wife swap with another couple.


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