Wahl Professional 5-Star Razor Edger #8051

Wahl Professional 5-Star Razor Edger #8051

Using the best edger for barbers can make or break a career. Using social media, a customer can look at any celebrity and choose their desired look. Men are not afraid of switching up their basic style so they come to their local barber shop more often. They are more aware of their options for a great haircut and will accept nothing but the best. Edgers are especially important because they are the finishing touch on every style. Trends change fast so a barber needs an edger capable of creating a variety of looks.

A good haircut will increase a customer?s confidence and will keep them coming back to the same barber every time. To keep a steady client base, barbers need the best tools to keep up with customer needs and wants. This comprehensive list has the top 5 best rated and easy to use professional edgers to ensure a barber is a cut above the competition. ______________________________________________________________

Men?s grooming has come a long way in the last decade. With social media and celebrity influence, men have more options than ever when it comes to their hairstyle. To keep up, barbers must have the right tools to make their customers happy every haircut.

There are a few things to consider when choosing the best edgers for barbers. Durability is key when you?re cutting hair multiple times a day, every day. You want to ensure your hands don?t get tired or sore during a long shift. And of course, the best edger has to create the best edges.

Every barber has a different preference, but below are the best overall edgers to create the perfect edge every time.

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Wahl is known for great hair tools, and their Professional 5-Star Razor is no exception. The electromagnetic motor is quieter than other trimmers so your customer can carry on a conversation or enjoy the silence. This edger is lightweight at only 0.6 lbs so you can give haircuts all day without soreness. While the length is a little longer than the other options at 6.35 in, the low weight makes up for it. For easy cleaning and flexibility, this edger comes with a kit that includes 3 T-blade guards, oil and cleaning brush, and a matching red blade guard for safety. The blade guards protect the edger so it can stay fresh on even the longest days.

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Andis Professional T-Outliner Beard/Hair Trimmer with T-Blade

The Andis Professional T-Outliner Beard/Hair Trimmer will cut hair extremely close for any design a customer could want. Any type of artwork is easily achievable with this edger. The T-blade allows you to trim hair on every edge (beard, ear, neck, or mustache) with ease. The blade?s flexibility is versatile enough for a quick touch up or heavy duty job. The sleek style will also look great in your hand and side grips make it easy to hold.The carbon steel blades are made to last your whole career and are adjustable to fit each customer?s individual face. In addition to being quiet, the magnetic motor is cool so it won?t bother your client. The 5.2 in long and 11.2 oz device will ensure your comfort all day.

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OSTER Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper 76023?510

The Oster Fast Feed clipper allows you to customize the exact edges your customer wants with with its many attachments. Four different guide combs are included: blending, ?, ??, and ? lengths, along with comb attachments, a blade guard, and washing accessories. Forget about buying extra tools with this model. Oster?s unique Whisper Quiet motor is even more powerful than a magnetic motor and the Fast Feed clipper keeps noise down. The adjustable blade feature enables you to switch settings easily. Despite its many features, this clipper is one of the most affordable so you can keep your profits high. This 6 in and 1 lb edger is perfect for professionals, designed to last years with even daily use.

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Wahl Professional Senior Clipper #8500

The Wahl Professional Senior Clipper 8500 is designed only for professional use. The V9000 motor gets cooler faster than similar clippers. This clipper can be used for cutting, tapering, fading, and blending, eliminating the need for additional tools. At 6.5 in long and 1.3 lbs, this tool is a bit heavier than its competitors, but the accuracy and durability makes the heft worthwhile. The included kit contains attachment combs and cleaning supplies, helping you keep the tool in pristine condition. Hygiene is extremely important when handling a client?s skin and the washing tools will be put to good use. This clipper will make you a favorite in the shop so customers will request you every time.

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OSTER Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper 76076010

The Oster Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper can be used on wet or dry hair of all types and textures. The cord is 9 feet long, making it accessible for any shop setup. The textured sides are easy to grip for all day use. Though this edger is the biggest at 7.5 in and 2 lbs, its size ensures its long lasting durability and powerful performance. The close blades ensure a customer won?t suffer from ingrown hairs after their cut. Every barber knows expert skill can matter even more than the tools used. A kit with lubricating oil and clipper grease is included to keep the edger in the best condition.

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Customers develop an intimate trust with their barber. A good haircut can give them an ?edge? in any situation, from meeting someone special to nailing a job interview. You must have tools to achieve the hottest new styles. Word of mouth is the best way to attract new clients so if a customer is happy, they can improve your brand. The best edger for barbers will help you build a client base and develop a good reputation. Investing in the best edger and knowing how to use it is a necessity for any for any barber.


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