What is the story behind the Trevi Fountain?

What is the story behind the Trevi Fountain?

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A journey to Italy is not complete without a stop at the famous Trevi Fountain. It is one of the most recognisable monuments in the world, with beautifully designed water fountains amidst stunning sculptures. Renowned for its coin throwing tradition! It is said if you throw a coin from your right hand over your left shoulder into the fountain, it will ensure your return to Rome one day. Two coins will ensure a new romance, and three will guarantee marriage. But what is the story behind this glorious fountain?

When was the fountain built?

The fountain?s first basic structure was built in Ancient Roman times in 19 BC, at the end of the aqueduct, at the meeting place of three separate roads. This is where the name Trevi Fountain came from, derived from the Latin word trivium, meaning three streets. It was built as a water source for the City, constructed in the same material as the Colosseum, travertine stone. The renovation of magnificent fountains and stone decorations we know today was done in the late 1700s, commissioned by the Pope Clement XII. Taking a whopping 30 years to complete, finishing in 1762. They chose the architect based on a competition. However, the actual winner, Alessandro Galilei, was not chosen, as there was an outcry in the capital due to Galilei being Florentine. Therefore the job was given to the roman Nicola Salvi. The project took a whopping 30 years to complete, finishing in 1762. Salvi sadly passed away in 1751, never to see his masterpiece finished, Giuseppe Pannini stepping in to complete his work.

What does it symbolise?

The redevelopment of the fountain revolved around the theme, ?taming of the waters.? Each section of the Trevi symbolises a concept, all forming together to create the story. The centre structure is the statue of the Greek sea God Oceanus. He is being pulled on a chariot by two sea horses, one wild and one passive, these symbolise the changing moods of the ocean.

Why is it so famous?

It is not just a beautiful structure, but is a historic monument, as the oldest water source in the entire city of Rome. The ancient structure provided water to both ancient baths and central city fountains. It has appeared in many famous films, including Roman Holiday and Three Coins in the Fountain. The most popular movie by far was La Docle Vita, which immortalised the fountain at the time of the film?s debut. The iconic black and white scene is done in 1960, depicted two characters wading into the Trevi Fountain, resulting in the fountains upsurge in popularity.

Where you can see it?

In Rome?s historic centre in Via delle Muratte. Its small streets surrounding the fountain restricts large vehicles from entering the area, so your best bet is to hop off the tour bus, train, or scooter, and walk your way through the busy streets. We recommend taking an informational tour so you can hear about each sculpture?s meaning as well as the historical facts of this fabulous fountain.

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