Escape from Tarkov Shoreline Map PMC Playstyle

Escape from Tarkov Shoreline Map PMC Playstyle

In the Escape from Tarkov game, players may need to find some supplies on Shoreline. Some players may not know how Shoreline is going, and they can collect more supplies as safe as possible. So this article will tell you Shoreline PMC Playstyle, I hope to bring some help to the players.

Image for postEFT Shoreline Map PMC Playstyle

When you have just entered the map, the first thing is to confirm whether your Entry point is on the left half or right half. The easiest way is to double-click the O button to view the exit point.

If you have a tunnel in your exit points, then you were born on the right half of the map. Please continue to read the Raiders on the right. If there is a way to customs in your exit points, then you were born on the left half of the picture above. Please continue to read the Raiders on the left.

The right picture is the birth guide-confirmation of the birth point. – If the entry point is on the right of the shoreline map, the Entry point is confirmedWhen you confirm that your entry point is on the right side of the map, then the second thing is to confirm whether there is a wall or cliff behind you.- f there is a separation wall, then your entry point is on the upper right of the sanitarium-high voltage line tower-signal tower line.- If there is a cliff, it is on the front line of the back hill.- If there is a river in the valley nearby, the birth point is near the customs river.- When born by the sea, it is usually either in the construction site or on the seaside outside the construction site.- If there is none, it means that your birth point is located in the lower half of the map, on the construction site-checkpoint-outpost line.

Classic landmarks on the right side of the Shoreline map:

Customs riverThe Customs River is a classic landmark on the right side of the map. As shown in the figure, this river is the border river on the far right of the map. At this station in the picture, the fixed exit point ?Road to Customs? is just above the small slope on the right-hand side.

Image for postEFT Customs river

Signal towerThe signal tower belongs to a commanding height landmark and is very close to the exit point ?Road to Customs?. The red circle in the picture is the signal tower. There is a blue bucket extraction point spot near the barbed wire fence at the foot of the signal tower.

Image for postEFT Signal tower

High voltage line towerShoreline?s high-voltage line towers throughout the map can be used as road signs to determine your location at any time. The viewing angle shown in the figure stands at the top right near the separation wall.

Image for postEFT hight voltage line tower

Weather station/radar station towerThe red ball tower of the weather station is also a high ground landmark, which can be seen almost anywhere in the lower half of the map on the right.

Image for postEFT weather station/radar station tower

Sanatorium YamashitaThe rocky cliffs on the Shoreline map can be climbed, except for the weather station where the sanatorium is located. Since the weather station has a prominent red ball tower, the two cliffs are also easy to distinguish.

Image for postEFT sanatorium yamashita

Back hillThere is a landmark in Houshan that is a pavilion in the valley, and there is also a material package in the pavilion to search.

Image for postEFT back hill

The route in the middle of the map: Suitable for most birth sites (except Houshan birth and seaside birth)

Image for postShoreline the route in the middle

In the picture, the blue circle is the material search area, and the orange circle is the threat area (usually SCAV or players). This route is the core route. Taking this path, basically an average of 2?3 rounds to have the opportunity to meet another PMC player, the threat is very low, basically only SCAV along the way, but the supplies are not small. And most of the material points are very conspicuous and do not need to turn over the box, the whole process can be run with confidence, fast speed, and high efficiency, more than 10 minutes, beautiful.

Precautions: If your entry point is closer to the center, then you can?t go too quickly, in the beginning, to avoid hitting players who want to go to the sanatorium. The safest crossing point is the middle platform in front of the nursing home

Image for postEFT shoreline middle platform

There are generally 3?4 SCAVs in the parking lot area, which needs to be handled carefully. A village area is a place where few people go, but it is very ?rich?. Personally, I feel that I can find blue oil drums and motors in an average of 2 rounds, as well as various pipes and occasionally solid fuel.

Image for postShoreline the route above the map load

The route above the map: suitable for the birthplace of HoushanIf Houshan is born, you can cross the river first, touch the extraction point near the rocky exit point on the river, and then touch another extraction point along the sideline after crossing the river. Then go to the church on the edge of the swamp, and pay attention not to enter the swamp and get stuck in the mud. Finally, bypass the mansion and go to the village to search.

Image for postShoreline the route below the map

The route below the map: suitable for the birthplace by the seaBorn by the sea should be the riskiest route. In the beginning, I searched 2 extraction points near the construction site and went straight to the gas station. Don?t get entangled with the scav at the gas station, go directly to the visitor center below, search for 2 computers and 2 eft safes on the 2nd floor, and then withdraw. Don?t walk the road after you come out, touch along the seaside dam. You can go to the island of scav halfway.


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