What is kat.tv?

What is kat.tv?

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So, ?What is kat.tv??, you ask. Well remember the former heavy weigh champion of the torrent world, kickasstorrents? Well this is a free streaming version of this site. The former Kickasstorrrents website provided an awesome interface,very few popups, and no sign up required. kat.tv has followed suit. The website is very simple to navigate, while providing absolutely no advertisements with a popup blocker! Plus, I?m not getting notifications from my anti-virus that it?s blocking stuff constantly. WHAT? CRAZY!? This alone makes it one of the top five free streaming movies sites on the net!

What kat.tv free movies and TV shows are available?

Streaming thousands of great movies kat.tv provides most of the new releases, as well as TONS of other videos dating back to the 1930s and 1940s. Whatever movie you are looking to watch, you can probably find it here. If you manage to watch all the content on kat.tv it?s time to get a job?or at least have a shower. Movies are categorized by genre, country, actor, new releases, in theatres, and my personal favourite by year. Some of the most recent kat.tv free movies to stream include:Almost Christmas

  • Moana
  • Max Steel
  • Hacksaw Ridge
  • Arrival
  • Underworld Blood Wars

Looking past the movies, kat.tv also provides thousands of free streaming TV episodes. Looking for a free stream of Walking Dead? Yup, they?ve got that! How about about a Game of Thrones free stream..yup they?ve got that too. Other new TV series include:

  • Shameless
  • The Flash
  • Vikings

Anyways, I could go on and on for days mentioning titles. But in the end it?s probably much easier for both of us if you just check out kat.tv yourself.

Or, if you are looking for an even bigger selection of movies and TV shows, consider buying an Android Box. Along with a huge selection of free movies and TV options, they also provide an ad free environment without the need for a computer.

Is KAT safe?

As I mentioned above, kat.tv does not have popups or advertisements. You also don?t need an account to view content. So, Is Kat safe. Yes, KAT is about as safe as a free movie site can be. That being said?I always proceed with caution on the internet. Get a popup blocker, some malware protection, and anti-virus software. Protection is always good. No one of likes a virus?.or STDs.

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Legal background of Kat

No, Kat is not illegal for the user. Streaming content is different than downloading. It lies in a legal grey area. It is illegal for KAT if they possessed the digital media themselves. But, kat.tv finds sources around the world hosting movies and TV shows. They direct their traffic to these servers. So legally they at least have the opportunity to argue their innocence.

Kat still working?

Checking if KAT is down is easy. Click Is kat down to navigate to a site that will tell you the current status of all sites. Just type in kat.tv to see it?s current state. All free streaming sites seem to go down from time to time. So it?s always good to have a few options when the occasion arises.

So overall, how does kat.tv review?

I would have to say that overall kat.tv ranks well. One notable down side of the site is that most of the content seems to be in SD (standard definition). This pushes it?s rank down a bit. But the positives definitely outweigh the negatives. With a HUGE selection of movies and TV shows to choose from, an ad free environment, and a simple to navigate site kat.tv provides a ton of enjoyment at no cost. Overall, I would say that kat.tv is one of the top five streaming sites on the internet, just not quite good enough to get the #1 spot. Give it a try some time. You?ve got nothing to lose!

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