What Is In Heartland Package Of Dish Network?

What Is In Heartland Package Of Dish Network?

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Dish Network redefines the way you want your entertainment to be. You can make your television packages unique and suitable to your lifestyle. One of your favorite Dish network packages, namely, Heartland package includes 11 premium channels. The Heartland Package is a family-friendly package blended to cater to family members of all age groups and your friends as well. You won?t believe, all these are made available to you at just $6.00.

The channels included in the package are Hallmark Channel, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, OWN, UP, PixL, GSN, Discovery Family Channel, Baby TV, RFD TV, Rural TV, and Ride TV. Here is a rundown of the popular shows on the channels in the Dish Network Heartland package.

Sometimes, you would be worried about the TV packages that contain channels inappropriate to your kids. This might happen if you choose packages with plenty of channels. It wouldn?t be the case if you select Heartland package with Dish Network. With Heartland package, you can choose appropriate programming suitable to your needs.

Take a quick glimpse at the kids cum family-oriented Dish Network Heartland Package to obtain a clear information about the various channels offered.

Hallmark Channel (Channel no. 185)

Hallmark Channel is a well-known family channel. This channel is focused at bringing your entire family together. It offers several favorite entertainment programs such as original movies and series and several shows such as the Golden Girls and the Little House on the prairies. The channel provides adult-oriented programs in the evenings for you to enjoy. The channel also gives way to enjoy the comedy shows along with your family. Top comedy shows in the channel include Frasier and I love Lucy.

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries (Channel no. 187)

With Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, you can watch original dramas and mysteries. This could be one of the best channels to be added to your package during your holidays. This channel would make your holidays, a celebration. With abundant of movies and mystery dramas, this channel would be of a great addition to your TV package.

OWN (Channel no. 189)

Oprah Winfrey Network is mainly focused on entertaining people in the best way. The channel features popular movies, famous documentaries, and award winning subjects. Some of the excellent shows in this channel include Season 25: Oprah Behind the Scenes, Your OWN Show: Oprah?s search for the next TV star, and many more. You can be sure that you can watch movies of all genres with OWN channel.

UP (Channel no. 188)

UP TV or Uplifting Entertainment was originally meant to focus on gospel music. Then the channel was expanded to offer many more entertaining programs. The UP channel offers original movies, series, dramas, comedy shows, and many more. Like other family friendly TV channels, the UP TV also broadcasts family-oriented shows and movies. The popular series in this TV include Gilmore Girls, America?s Funniest Home Videos, and many more. Many shows in this TV focus on rejuvenating kindness in the hearts of people. These programs will definitely uplift your family members, which is of no doubt.

PixL (Channel no. 388)

PixL TV, one of the popular channels included in the Dish Network Packages, gives complete entertainment to your family. The channel broadcasts some of the top drama shows like Miles from Nowhere, the Nanny Express, and Secret Summer. PixL TV features the wholesome comedies, touching love stories, and family movies which makes it unique. The most important feature is that you can watch them with minimum to no commercial interruptions.

GSN (Channel no. 116)

Game Show Network (GSN) channel is primarily focused on competitive entertainment which includes game shows. It provides excellent opportunity to its viewers and participants to win cash and prizes. Some of the top shows in this channel include Baggage, Card Sharks, Skin Wars, The Pyramid, Lingo, and many more. GSN is a dedicated channel for the game lovers.

Discovery Family (Channel no. 179)

Discovery family channel offers reality programming. The top animated and children based shows focused on providing your kids with excellent entertainment include My Little Pony Friendship is Magic (animated), Littlest Pet Shop, and many more. Other types of shows include comedy, animal shows, and so on. With this channel you might be able to bring even the little member of your family together.

Baby TV (Channel no. 824)

Baby TV channel is one of the successful channels created by child development experts for your kids. Both you and your kids can watch the shows on this channel and enjoy together. The days which you would watch Baby TV with your kids are the sweet days which you will never forget in your life. The programs in this TV includes kids rhymes, stories, songs, and many more.

RFD TV (Channel no. 231)

RFD TV mainly focuses on outdoor/ financial programming, art, agriculture, and entertainment. The top shows in this TV include Rural Evening News, Ag Day, and Market Day Report. The channel explores, educates, and entertains about the world of Agriculture and rural living. As this channel provides informational programs about agriculture, finance, horse training, and rural areas, this channel can be considered as one of the best information and entertainment channels in Heartland Package.

Rural TV (Channel no. 232)

Rural TV is based on the rural lifestyle and it can be viewed as culture television. Rural TV is considered to serve the interests, needs, and passion of rural people. Programs are aimed towards educating the rural people and giving them the required information in rural affairs and farming. Some of the interesting shows in this channel include rural entertainment and country music.

Ride TV (Channel no. 248)

Ride TV is a channel dedicated to horse lovers. This channel gives more information on horse culture and lifestyle. Top shows in this channel include reality shows, horse news programs, documentary programs, horse product shopping information and related shows, interactive sessions and topics on horse culture, and many more. The channel also broadcasts children programs which are focused on entertaining your kids.


Heartland dish network packages are focused on serving the interests of variety of people. People within your family might have different interests. They might be of different age groups. Sometimes, you would like to entertain your guests or friends who visit you during vacation. Heartland package is designed keeping in mind the interests of various people. So, the channels in this package would cater to all your requirements.

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