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NOTE: I am not the author. This is retrieved from a cache from the now blocked deepfakes reddit. I personally don?t agree with the views held by the author, but I do support freedom of speech and freedom of information. If this was useful somehow you can buy me a coffee.

This tutorial can work for Mac and Windows but these instructions are specifically for Mac so if you use it for Windows and it doesn?t work, there are other steps not covered here.

If you get this tutorial to work, I humbly ask out of respect to these women, please don?t post the videos anymore. Most of you guys understand my point on this so I won?t preach. But I?m begging you not to post the videos. My thoughts are.. You?re gonna do it anyways or request someone else to do it and then they?re gonna post it because you aren?t able to do it yourself. It is my hope that this satisfies curiosity enough to not have to post them and ruin humanity. But I will not post this tutorial under the guise that you?re not going to use it for porn so we?ll be calling it what it is so that you can completely understand what you?re doing and hopefully morality will set in. (Side note: I truly hope you just use this for what I used it for which is to learn how to program and get your feet wet in deep learning. And if you?re not using it for porn, then let?s just learn, have some fun and be entertained by my sarcastic humor.)

I?m not going to go into FFMPEG or how to do stuff that you can easily find another tutorial on but I will show you how to make it run on Mac.

So here?s what you do?

First decide whether you?re using your CPU or GPU.

Download this: https://github.com/deepfakes/faceswap/archive/master.zip

Extract the folder. I recommend an external hard drive because this shit gets heavy on the GB. (It stores a lot of data.)

Go to your newly extracted folder. Rename it to faceswap.

Make six new folders.

Name them something you?ll remember. Data this and data that is confusing.

So your folder structure should look like this to save you time:

Let?s say for example we?re perving on some innocent girl named Jessica.. So the folders you create would be:


I mean if you?re gonna use it for porn stop fucking around and call the folders what they are so you don?t get confused lmao

Put your porn video in the faceswap/porn folder. Put all the pictures of your sick fantasy of Jessica in the faceswap/jessica folder lmao simple.

Download the Mac CUDA drivers. Don?t worry about if it says you don?t have a capable GPU. Just download and install and fugggetaboutit.


Download the FakeApp. Yes it?s for Windows, no I don?t care just download it lol


Extract the folder somewhere. Go into this newly extracted folder and copy the model folder along with the files: encoder.h5 decoder_A.h5 decoder_B.h5

Copy to the faceswap/model directory wherever you extracted it.

Delete the Fake app folder and zip archive now because you got what you wanted. (Maybe make a copy of the models folder somewhere so you have a backup in case your models get corrupted)

Download Anaconda if you don?t already have it:

2.7 https://repo.continuum.io/archive/Anaconda2-5.0.1-MacOSX-x86_64.pkg

3.6 https://repo.continuum.io/archive/Anaconda3-5.0.1-MacOSX-x86_64.pkg

I prefer 2.7 but I don?t think it matters.

Install it.

Download cuDNN:


You have to sign up for a membership. It?s free. It?s annoying but do it.

Extract the contents of the lib and include folder to these folders:

(Just open Finder and look all the way to the top of the screen and click ?Go? and copy and paste these directories to find it)


Some users reported these folders didn?t exist even after installing CUDA so if they don?t exist just create them.

Now did you decide if you?re using your CPU or GPU?

Make sure your terminal is in the faceswap directory.

Go to your terminal and copy paste this and press enter:

pip install virtualenv

Let it install.

Decisions decisions? How should we process our porn?

*Edit: it’s pip install not python install. I’m so dumb lmao*

For CPU:

pip install -r requirements.txt

For GPU:

pip install -r requirements-gpu.txt

If it doesn?t work or if virtual env doesnt install properly try installing the requirements first then try installing virtual env.

That?s gonna take a while. Once it?s done..

At this point I assume you?ve already installed FFMPEG from one of the other many tutorials online.

Type in the terminal and press enter:

cd porn

That puts your terminal in the porn directory. cd stands for change directory.

Make sure your porn video in the porn folder and rename it to porn.mp4 (or what ever file extension. scene.mov scene.avi scene.porn idk)

Use FFMPEG to extract the frames copy and paste this and press enter:

ffmpeg -i porn.mp4 -vf fps=30 “porn%d.png

Depending on how long your porn video is this may take a while and also may take up a LOT of space.

We?re not ready yet. Still some more shit to do but we?re preparing.

Once that?s complete:

type in the terminal and press enter:

cd ..

by typing .. after cd you go back one directory.

Now type in the terminal:

virtualenv faceswap_env/

Let it do it?s thing then type:

python faceswap.py -h

If it showed you the help menu and said shit like Tensorflow Backend, then so far so good. If not, you probably had a problem with Cmake, OpenCV or maybe Dlib. You may encounter something that says cv2 import blablabla.

If that happens type:

pip install opencv-python

if that doesn?t work and it says something about dlib then you?re fucked.

Nah just playing.


conda install dlib

If that don?t work try:

pip install dlib

If that don?t work type:

conda install cmake

If that don?t work:

pip install cmake

If that don?t work download this:


Extract it somewhere and cd your way into the directory and type:

python setup.py install

That should fix it. If not leave a comment with your error.

Now type in the terminal:

python faceswap.py extract -i porn -o porn_faces

That?s gonna take a while. It?s extracting the faces from your thousands of porn still images.

Now hopefully I didn?t miss anything I typed this all from memory but you?re pretty much all the way there.

Once the porn faces get extracted (verify this by going to your porn_faces folder to find thousands of pictures of the face of a woman looking like she?s having tons of fun in various angles)

Now type:

python faceswap.py extract -i jessica -o jessica_faces

And watch it extract all of sweet innocent Jessica?s angelic selfie poses and feel that tiny hint of guilt in the back of your throat but you must throw it away. Delete that we don?t need no guilt! Numbness FTW! I mean your ?Jessica? is probably a celebrity and those aren?t real people right? PUSH ON YOUNG PADAWAN LEARNER!! Be strong.

Now the moment of truth. You have in your hands the potential to ruin someone?s life and or career! Now?s not the time to be shy about it.

Okay once extraction of Jessica?s soul is complete..

*Edit: MY bad guys it’s jessica_faces not jessica**Edit 2: I’m an idiot it’s porn_faces not porn lol DUHRRR why else did we extract images there *face palm* *

Type in the terminal:

python faceswap.py train -A porn_faces -B jessica_faces -m model -p

And watch the magic happen.

A is your porn. Your sweet sweet porn. B is shy innocent ?probably married? little Jessica. m is your model, and p is for pervert! cough I mean preview. Preview.. the -p command brings up the preview window?

This may cause your computer to explode. Or it may cause it to lag for 30?40 seconds until the window pops up. I highly recommend closing all your other pornhub tabs before you do this because you?re gonna need all your processing power to do this right!

You?ll see a little window pop up and slowly but surely Jessica?s face will turn into? you guessed it.. Nicolas Cage! 🙂

Let it run for a few hours and you?ll have what you want you sick bastard lmao but DO NOT post it. Please. I took my time out to educate, entertain and make you laugh and is it that wrong of me to throw a little NLP in there to get you to come to your senses? Really? For the greater good of humanity? No? Okay fine.. But do me that favor if you use this tutorial please don?t post what you make. Keep that shit to yourself and go on and learn how to make new and amazing things with this experience in Deep Learning.

Once it stops looking like Nicolas Cage and more like what you?re really after press Q to save the model and type:

*Edit: I messed up before. I didn’t include the faceswap.py in the command* python faceswap.py convert i- porn -o output -m model

?python? calls up the Python program. faceswap.py is the program that Python is going to execute. convert is one of the functions defined in the faceswap.py file. It looks for the folder with the frames, uses the model you trained to convert the faces in each frame from porn face to jessica face. -i is the input folder. -o is the output folder where these new files will be saved and -m is the model folder.

Let that do it?s thing and open up the folder and watch as the love frames start to drip in.

Once it?s done type:

ffmpeg -i porn%04d.png -c:v libx264 -vf “fps=30,format=yuv420p” mysickfantasy.mp4

There you have it guys. Hope you enjoyed it, learned something and laughed and maybe felt a little something in your heart to stop posting this shit publicly lmao

I must say again I am grateful to Deepfakes because I literally started learning code 18 days ago and I had absolutely no idea what I was doing.

Go here to read about it and my warning to humanity:


Thank you and goodnight.


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