Tracy Twyman and what we’re up against

Tracy Twyman and what we’re up against

When ?they? know you?re on to them.

Image for postTracy R. Twyman (1978?2019)

Tracy Twyman is dead at age 40, leaving behind a husband and young son. She always went Plus Ultra (?more beyond?) in her interests and was my favorite alternative researcher.

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She was apparently found hanged in her garage with her husband ruled out as a suspect. Her readers have no reason to suspect this was a suicide, unless she was driven to it under extreme duress.

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But why suspect foul play? Specifics can be found elsewhere, but in brief, she had hinted strongly, publicly, that she believed the parties involved in Isaac Kappy?s death were the same ones who harassed her online and hacked her devices last year.

If there are child sex rings involving the rich and powerful, if it?s not just Jeffrey Epstein who was or is raping girls, then Twyman was a threat to them. They didn?t know how much she knew through fact-finding, and how much she could figure out.

For there are few if any occult and conspiracy researchers who knew as much as Twyman about the code words, the bodily gestures, and other symbolism behind public and private communication. And she?d been researching sex abuse for a long time.

It might seem like, because she was on the fringe, she wasn?t a threat. But I think she thought they knew what she knew, and knew pretty much everything about anyone.

If that?s the case, I could see how the powers-that-be would want her silenced.

And if Artificial Intelligence, serving the interests of the powerful, can attack Twyman?s computers and phones at will, and hack into her accounts, and tailor ?ads? just for her online instantaneously, what chance do the rest of us have to individually or collectively ?change the world? through the Internet? Or even through private, personal contact, if someone neglects to turn off his phone?

And how much less power will the individual have, going forward, as the pace of technology and AI advancement only increases?

Twyman was by no means a quixotic crusader out to bring down the government, and seemed to have a dozen research plates spinning at any one time, child sex rings being just one of them. And she was a loving mother. But, if my suspicions are correct, she was murdered anyway. It can send a chill up the spine of anyone with any degree of interest in politics, particularly those who have families to take care of.

Good work, Tracy, and rest in peace. You will be missed.

James Leroy Wilson writes from Nebraska. He is the author of Ron Paul is a Nut (And So am I). Follow him on Facebook and Twitter. Support through Paypal is greatly appreciated. Permission to reprint is granted with attribution.


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