I Need To Talk About This Contestant On Jeopardy

I Need To Talk About This Contestant On Jeopardy

Fun fact: I love Jeopardy. I was one of those kids who was always learning useless information just to flex on everyone and show them what I know. For 30 glorious minutes on weekday nights, I was able to 1) exercise my wealth of useless facts and 2) learn new things. It was wonderful. Even as an adult, I never miss an episode. And, yes, I?ve been watching it on Netflix. I can?t get enough Jeopardy.

These past two weeks have been great because it?s the Teen Tournament, or, as I like to call it, the best time of the year. The contestants are always so sweet and so pure, and it makes these episodes more fun than any other episode. This year in particular, there was one contestant that really grabbed me by the heartstrings. This contestant emotionally touched me in ways that I cannot even begin to describe. Her name is Emma Arnold, and I?d like to take a moment to talk about her.

Emma Arnold is a (homeschooled) junior from Owings Mills, Maryland. She likes being smart and ice skating. This is what she looks like:

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At first glance, my only thought was, ?oh boy, another homeschool kid on Jeopardy.? After her first episode, I was willing to forget about her.

In the semi-finals, though, something inside of me started to feel for her. I came home for Thanksgiving break, and I watched this episode with my parents. My dad was talking about how much he loved Emma, and I was just kind of like, ?okay, dad, I don?t care.? The more I got into the episode, the more I began to love her.

First of all, she has the purest voice known to man. Second of all, her style is unmatched. In the photo above, she?s wearing her take on a French maid uniform. Now I?m sure that she didn?t go to the store and think ?hmm?what will make a statement but also be appropriate for when I go to the kitchen for math class?? Whatever her thought process was when buying that shirt, I support it. On the night of the semi-finals, she wore this:

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What a queen. First, I love the Wednesday Addams aesthetic that she has going on. We stan a goth icon. Second, look at her collar. THOSE ARE BUNNIES ON HER COLLAR! She, a junior in high school, wears shirts that have bunnies embroidered on the collar. We DEFINITLEY stan. She takes RISKS! Your fave could never.

As far as her personality goes, I think that it?s just as great as her style. She says ?please? after choosing the category. We love a sweetheart. She?s also very supportive of the other contestants, and that?s so cute. In the video above, she had a MONSTER clapback for Alex Trebek, so she?s obviously hilarious.

It may be obvious to point out, but she?s crazy smart. In the semi-finals, she won over $30,000 and crushed her competition. Love that for her. She also competes in mythology trivia or something, and I think that?s just great. Literally no one does that, but I?m sure that she?s great at it. The thing that I love about her, though, is how sneakily smart she is. For the first round of Jeopardy, she kind of takes a back seat. She won?t answer a lot of questions, and if she does, they?re the $200 or $400 ones. When it comes to Double Jeopardy, however, she really starts to dominate. It?s almost like she?s hustling everyone else. She?ll end the first round with $1,000 and end the game with all of Jeff Bezos?s money.

Emma Arnold is the best Jeopardy has had in a while.

You may be asking, ?what is everyone else saying about her?? I did too. So I turned to Twitter, and I was not disappointed.

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She is the president now.

To conclude, I want to apologize to Emma. I doubted you, but now, I wish you were my mom so you could read me a bedtime story every night. Also, please make a Twitter so I can follow you more closely after the Teen Tournament is over.

There is no better way to end this post than by showing you the best picture I?ve ever seen. The producers at Jeopardy had the 3 finalists dab, and this is the result:

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Queen Emma, may you reign forever.


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