Top 6 Swedish Clothing Brands For Make You Fashionista

Top 6 Swedish Clothing Brands For Make You Fashionista

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Draped by women on red carpets across the globe, The Scandinavians are the go-to designers for the perfect balance between comfort and awe-inspiring, yet effortlessly chic.

Whether you?re a bride, a guest or simply looking for gorgeous attires to have in your closet forever, Swedish designs are an investment worth making.

In this post, we will take a deeper dive into Sweden?s capital, Stockholm, a fashion city known for its mesmerising housing brands such as WearAndSmile, Tiger of Sweden, House of Dagmar.

We would like to bring your focus to the 6 quality Swedish clothing brands which are definitely worth checking out.

1. WearAndSmile

WearAndSmile is a Stockholm-based fashion house with a ?feminine approach?. Inspired by Founder and CEO Marianna Berggren?s interest in carving the charm of every modern woman into the frisky and figure flattering outfits, each collection is defined by juxtaposing design and personal attention to detail.

We love the brand?s modern and customizable take on tailoring and eclectic use of ecological fabrics.

WearAndSmile boasts an inimitable array of classic, timeless and elegant Scandinavian style in frisky dresses, wrap dresses, evening dresses, boot cut pants, mini and midi skirts, outwear, coats, blouses, underwear collection, nightgowns, pyjamas, robes and nightshirts in different colours and different sizes. In short, it is the epitome of Swedish charisma and purveyor of effortless style!

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2. Tiger of Sweden

Tiger of Sweden is well recognised Scandinavian fashion brand, continue to embark its footprints in the fashion industry for 100 years, the fashion brand describes itself as still evolving.

However, the brand has already broken the new grounds and laid its permanent mark in Scandinavian styling statement with its speciality in ?an exquisite cut? ranging from classic blazers over high-quality jeans to effortless staple outerwear.

This Stockholm-based fashion brand has meticulously curated edit of the world?s most coveted Swedish design!

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3. House of Dagmar

Founded by the 3 sisters Karin, Kristina and Sofia in 2005, this Stockholm-based label House of Dagmar is basically a knitwear brand, and its agenda is defined by the cosy autumn season.

Three sisters inspired by their tailor grandmother and her creative sense of style and fashion, named the brand after their grandmother ?Dagmar?.Within the array, you?ll witness influences ranging from punk to folklore.

The knitwear-heavy brand showcased Vulnerable Yet Invincible, its Fall 2018 collection, based on duality in nature approach.

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4. Whyred

Swedish fashion brand since 1999, founded by Roland Hjort. This Stockholm based fashion brand loves to define nonchalant elegance by merging the expected with the unexpected.

An inimitable design sourced out of the sophisticated blend of different art forms spells the essence of the brand. Well-recognised for its Art, Music & Tailoring, the brand has an array of mesmerising outerwear ? ranging from plaid trenches and oversized cropped denim to variations on the brand?s signature parka.

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5. Emelie Janrell

Beyond the shadow of a chance, be it an advanced tailoring or drapery detail, the inside of each outfit is as meticulously crafted as much attention is given to the outside. Designer Emelie Janrell manages her atelier in Stockholm, where each piece is sold and tailored-to-measure.

The exclusive and crafty collection includes the form-fitting dresses, suiting-inspired separates, and plenty of fringe in a vibrant violet and teal and neutral black and navy colour palette.

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6. Ida Klamborn

Ida klamborn is a Stockholm based Swedish fashion designer known for her proportionate union between colour, shape and stuff while exploring and crafting styling statements.

For her Fall 2018 collection, she blends the elegance, fashion, modern dressing and self-gaze, executing the ideal parallelism between them.

Her stylish pieces of the collection include blouses and midi dresses which are sheerer than sheer, pencil skirts which are backless and trousers & blazers which are oversized. A truly bizarre!

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Here completing the list of Top 6 Swedish Clothing Brands to be a fashionista. We are open to welcome new entries, If you want to add your favorite Swedish clothing brand in above list then leave a comment below with details.


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