The Mysterious Meaning Behind the Name of Grin Founder Ignotus Peverell

The Mysterious Meaning Behind the Name of Grin Founder Ignotus Peverell

This article will give insight into the hidden meaning behind the founder of Grin?s nickname, Ignotus Peverell.

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When we examine the general characteristics of Grin coins, we know that it is a coin based on privacy and when we examine the name of Ignotus Peverell, the main founder of Grin, we know that he is the character with a cloak of invisibility in the Harry Potter stories. When we associate these two pieces of information, one might think that Ignotus Peverell used the name of this character who found the invisibility cloak to draw attention to Grin?s secrecy. This is true, but not entirely so. Let?s get into the story.


In the Harry Potter stories, the Peverells are three brothers and their names are Antioch Peverell, Codmus Peverell and Ignotus Peverell, from eldest to youngest respectively.

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One day, the Peverell brothers were on the brink of death. Death tells them that he will fulfill one wish for each brother before they die. Accordingly, the three brothers each make one wish. The eldest brother, Antioch peverell, wants a wand so strong that no one can kill him. The middle brother, Codmus Peverell, wants a stone that can bring the dead to life. The youngest brother, Ignotus Peverell, wants a cloak of invisibility that no one can see through. Death fulfills the wishes of all three brothers and releases them.

After this event, the three brothers think that they will escape death with what they have, and they part ways. However, except for Ignotus Peverell, the events do not go as expected for the other two brothers.

The eldest brother, Antioch Peverell, has taken Murver wand from Death, which is the most powerful wand on earth. With this wand, Antioch Peverell is very powerful, but there are many evil characters who want to take over this wand. One day, one of these evil characters kills Antioch Peverell and takes the wand. Sadly Antioch Peverell succumbed to death because he had taken murver?s wand to defeat death.

The middle brother, Codmus Peverell, has a girl he loves. This girl, whom he dreamed of marrying, died at a young age but Codmus Peverell still yearns for her. With the resurrection stone that death gave him, he returns his ex-lover to life, but things don?t go as expected. Because the soul of this girl from the land of the dead feels that it no longer belongs to the world and moves very cold in the world. In the face of this situation, Codmus Peverell is damned and cannot stand it anymore and commits suicide. For Codmus Peverell, even though he had a stone that resurrected the dead, he soon succumbed to death like his older brother.

The youngest brother, Ignotus Peverell is the wisest and humblest of the brothers. Because of these character traits, only he, could be protected by the invisibility cloak which he had wisely and humbly demanded for from Death.

The Mysterious Connection of the Story with the Crypto Currency World

We see that the story behind the character name chosen by the founder of Grin Coins has deep meanings, and when we connect them to the crypto-currency world, we will see that these meanings will get deeper.

Antioch Peverell=Satoshi Nakamoto

The story of Antioch Peverell and the story of Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto are very similar.

Since Satoshi Nakamoto has the longest history in the world of crypto money, we can easily call him the big brother, Antioch Peverell. Bitcoin is the most powerful and valuable money in the world of crypto money, so we can call it, Elder wand.

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Satoshi Nakamoto, after the appearance of Bitcoin, he was worried that something wrong will happen with this high power so he suddenly disappeared in 2011 and has never been reached. After he disappeared, Bitcoin fell into the hands of some malicious person. One of the most popular examples is Craig Wright, whom the market calls fakesatoshi.

Craig Wright’s Wife to Be Questioned in $10 Billion Bitcoin Lawsuit

The Florida court presiding over self-proclaimed bitcoin inventor Craig Wright’s $10 billion lawsuit asked a UK court?

In summary, the fact that Bitcoin is strong enough to affect the entire financial system after its emergence, in bad hands, and the sudden disappearance of Satosh evokes the story of the older brother, Antioch Peverell.

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Codmus Peverell=Vitalik Buterin

The resurrection stone that Codmus Peverell took from Death is very similar to the Ethereum, the most popular altcoin in the crypto currency world.

Shortly after its launch in 2014, Ethereum proved its technology in a short time and became the second most talked about altcoin in the crypto currency market. This innovation was the technological infrastructure that revived all altcoins. This is because many crypto currencies after Ethereum had Ethereum?s erc20 standard and ethash pow consensus.

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Although Ethereum brought a great life to the altcoins, this resurrection effect was not permanent and many coins / tokens of Ethereum origin were removed from the market. Just like Antioch Peverell?s lover, who was revived from death.

In addition, the resurrection stone and the Ethereum symbol have the same design and color.

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As a result of this information, we see that the resurrection stone of Codmus Peverell and Ethereum?s meaning attribute are highly related.

So far, we see that Grin?s main developer, who keeps his identity secret, doesn?t just call himself by the pseudonym(nickname) he has chosen, but he also tells us very nicely about the situation of Bitcoin and Ethereum, the dynamo stones of the market.

Of course, you can say that this information is purely a coincidence with your most natural right of thought.

Let?s get back to the story..

Ignotus Peverell

We said, earlier, that Ignotus Peverell was the wisest and humblest brother in the story. Now, let us look at what is actually happening with these features that he uses in describing himself.

Ignotus Peverell, on Grin coin, has solved the main issues in the past that a lot of crypto coins wanted to do but could not achieve. These issues are; privacy, scalability and lightness.

While adding one of these features to the blockchain is a very difficult task in itself, it was not possible to have all of them together before Grin coin. What can we say other than ?wise? to Ignotus Peverell, the first person to succeed?

As for the modesty part; Ignotus Peverell did not want to receive the rewards, although he created revolutionary network of blockchain. Therefore, Grin did not sell with ico, did not make premine and did not set up any mining funding to his own account. When we look at the other two brothers, Satoshi Nakamoto had mined close to 2 million bitcoins to his own account, even if he didn?t use it. Also, we know that Vitalik Buterin received millions of Ethereum from ico period of reserved to developers.

End of story

Ignotus Peverell, at the end of the story, when he realized that death had come, he left his invisibility cloak to the world and went to death. Again in accordance with this story, Ignotus Peverell has recently sent a letter to other developers, in which he states that he will probably leave in order not to return.

And he left behind only the invisibility cloak, the Grin coin.

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We salute Ignotus Peverell with respect and love for all his work. Who knows, maybe someday we?ll see him among the other siblings like in the story maybe in front of them..

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Note: For those who are curious about the story, I?ll drop the link to two short films below.

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