How Many Ounces Does a K-Cup Make?

How Many Ounces Does a K-Cup Make?

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A common question that newbies to the world of Keurig have has to do with portion size.

Every k-cup comes in a standard size ? they are all the same and they all include the same amount of coffee grind in each cup but each Keurig machine gives you options for how much coffee you want to brew.

How much coffee should you make from a single k-cup?

This is arguable for sure but as the owner of a small coffee business I have to fall back on my principals.

A good cup of coffee is made with roughly 2 tablespoons of coffee per 6?8 ounces of water.

They typical k-cup however doesn?t usually hold much more than a single tablespoon of water and I don?t think any of them hold two.

Based on that basic principal a k-cup shouldn?t make more than about 4oz of good coffee but most of the machines give you options for making between 6 and 12 oz per cycle.

So, if you want to make a large 12 ounce cup of watered down coffee with one k-cup then go ahead but I would advise you to stick with only 6 ounce cups for each k-cup.

This will still produce slightly weak coffee based on coffee shop standards but will be much better than choosing any of the larger size options.

In fact most people that make coffee at home in normal drip coffee makers never actually use two table spoons of coffee per six ounces of water. Most usually use half of that or less.

Most home brewers usually does their coffee in 8 ounce cups and give around a single scoop of coffee per cup, less than half of what would make for a great cup of coffee.

If you are used to this weaker ratio of grind to water then a six to eight ounce cup of Keurig coffee will probably taste normal but certainly not optimal.

For all of our Keurig customers we consistently advise them to buy the stronger options on the market. Some companies go out of their way to pack their k-cups with the strongest coffee grind possible to offset the grind to water ratio problem.

We then always advise our customers to always use the smallest cup of coffee setting on their Keurig machines to get the best cup of coffee possible.

On our website we have a full post summarizing your best options on the super strong k-cup coffee which we recommend you read.

We also recommend you read this post on the differences between Nespresso and Keurig.

Nespresso makes something closer to espresso than coffee but a lungo shot from a Nespresso machine tastes a lot like a nice strong cup of coffee and they are just as convenient to use as Keurig machines are.

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