The Meaning of Seeing 11:11

The Meaning of Seeing 11:11

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Wondering why you keep seeing 11:11?

If you find yourself frequently seeing 11:11 on the clock (or elsewhere in your life), you aren?t alone.

There are so many people who are regularly seeing this number now.

So why would 11:11, of all the times of the day, be seen with such frequency?

The time ?11:11?has a spiritual significance, and often appears as a sign of a deeper message from the angels or the universe for those who see it.

When you see 11:11, pay attention! Take it as a signal to increase your present moment awareness and open your heart and mind to listen for a message.

Exactly what message held within 11:11 means, is up to you to discover and interpret in the moment. There are however some common meanings.

Here are some of the ways 11:11 commonly holds spiritual significance:


In its simplest form, 11:11 is a string of ones. In line with this, seeing this number is a reminder of our oneness with the universe ? one with life; one with the past, present and future; one with all that is.

Let this number serve as a reminder that everything is interconnected, and you are interconnected with it all too, through the one life force energy.


In numerology, 11 is a master number. It represents intuition, creativity, genius, refinement, and fulfillment.

Related to this meaning, seeing 11:11 can be a call to reflect on your purpose in life. It can also be a call to return to balance and claim to the life lessons in front of you.

Manifesting thoughts

Seeing 11:11 can also be an opportunity to take your blessings into your own hands by focusing on what you want. This numeral can be a sign that your thoughts are manifesting, which makes this the perfect moment to make a wish.

Spiritual awakening

The number 11:11 can also be a cue to tune in to the spiritual realm that lies just beyond the physical world.

It?s very common for those who are early in their spiritual journey and broadening their awareness to see 11:11 frequently (in fact, just reading this article could boost your awareness and trigger you to begin to see this number often).

If this is the case for you, consider it an invitation ? it can be a great sign of positive things to come.

Angels and Guides

11:11 can also serve as a message from your angels and spirit guides. If you are seeing 11:11 frequently, it?s possible yours are trying to reach you. Consider the number a calling card from them.

What are your angels or guides trying to tell you? Next time you see 11:11, take a deep breath and open your mind to tune into the guidance that is available.

Many meanings, one answer

Seeing 11:11 is an opportunity. Don?t let it pass you by! While there are many ways to interpret this numeral?s significance, there?s one action you can take that is sure to help you deduce its message for you: Listen.

What?s on your mind? What?s going on in your life? Reflect on these questions and remember all 11:11 can represent.

Take the time to pay attention to it, and 11:11 can bring you powerful messages.

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