4 Trap Exercises That You Shouldn’t Do Too Much Or You’ll Develop Tom Hardy Traps

4 Trap Exercises That You Shouldn’t Do Too Much Or You’ll Develop Tom Hardy Traps

So, you want Tom Hardy traps, eh? You probably first met those curved beauties when he played Bane in Dark Knight Rises. Or maybe you became acquainted with them as the menacing mantle to Hardy?s incorrigible thug Bronson. Or maybe you saw them at their expansive, thick, MMA, tattooed height in Warrior. Either way, Tom Hardy?s imposing traps are a defining feature of his threatening, animal-like screen presence. If you want just a bit of that, read on.

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The Trapezius, is a flat, triangular muscle that begins between the shoulder blades and rises up and outwards, and then inwards, into the neck. If a person seems to have a huge neck or seemingly no neck at all, they probably have huge traps.

* Instructions on how to do these exercises are not included here. How-to videos from the many fitness channels on YouTube can teach these movements far better than my cherry ass can.

1.Upright Rows

This bad boy of an exercise will quickly have you gritting your teeth, squeezing your eyes shut, and straining your neck muscles. But few exercises are as rewarding once you start excelling at it.

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I won?t bullshit you, due to the nature of the movement, after a certain number of reps, getting full range of motion may seem like a god awful, masochistic notion, but it is imperative that the barbell comes up to your clavicle for each rep to fully work the muscle. Although if you cannot do anymore to that extent, to get most of the way there is better than stopping the exercise.

2. Barbell Shrugs

This exercise predominantly works the traps but is also a good grip workout. Make sure you raise your shoulders as high as you can and hold them for a second at the top of the movement before slowly releasing them.

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It is very important that you are concentrating on your traps during this movement. Using your arms or back instead of your traps and shoulders is as easy as dropping the soap. Actively focus on the traps to build the mind-body connection.

3. Dumbbell Shrugs

Shrugs are your bread and butter for trap development and mixing it up with dumbbells is a smart move. Doing so forces you to work muscles from different angles, stressing different muscles. For example, when using dumbbells, muscles will need to be activated to stabilize the weights that would not be needed using a barbell.

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The form for dumbbell shrugs is identical to barbell shrugs except when using dumbbells, you must be more cognizant of not moving anything but your shoulders.

4. Kettle-bell Sumo High Pull

If your gym doesn?t have a kettle-bell, you just may want to look around your area to make sure there aren?t any fully equipped gyms you are missing out on. This exercise is analogous to the upright row. You are bringing your hands from below your waist to your clavicle. It works the traps the same way as the upright row, and like switching the shrugs up, it brings diversity to your workout.

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Good luck with the traps and remember compound exercises such as deadlifts and clean and presses work them as well. BoBo signing off.


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