Review of Clout Pay — Scam to avoid about Clout Pay

Review of Clout Pay — Scam to avoid about Clout Pay

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Avoid the temptation to get your referral link shared.

Do you want to sign up with Clout Pay? Are you actually wondering whether it is a genuine or legitimate program that can pay you after completing the required tasks? If this has been bothering, there is no doubt that this review will definitely clear out some facts about Clout Pay.

Everything you will be discovering about CloutPay is an unbiased opinion based on researches that have been carried out. First of all, please note that I am not an affiliate of CloutPay and as such, you aren?t going to find any kind of link. In this reviews, lots of hidden facts about this program will be exposed today. Just ensure that you read and digest every detail below.

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What does clout pay program entail?

Clout Pay has been claiming that is one of the best influencer networks around thereby helping social media websites to make money by doing very little tasks. Becoming a member of this company doesn?t require you to pay any money. This is what most people will even find to be very appealing since they will not be seeing any potential danger ahead.

You will be entitled to a bonus of about $25 after signing up. Also, a referral link will be given to you which will have to be promoted across social media sites like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. The idea of getting a link shared across websites is something which most people can do easily. However, the question has always remained why people have refused to get engaged in such activities.

Also, Clout Pay is making claims about new members making $500 on the same day of their registration. This is sounding really good since you will not need to do too much work before the money starts rolling into your account.

This will actually make you begin to think whether clout is the right company that make you live that lifestyle which you?ve always dreamt of. The fact is that this company isn?t what you may be considering it to be at the moment as its claims are false. For instance, it has been discovered that none of its members has earned any money.

People promoting its referral links are only doing such with the hope of getting paid. The worst part is that they are completely unaware about the consequences such action can bring as more people will fall for such scam. This means other people can become victims via such referral links.

I searched for reviews about is Clout pay legit only to discover that most of the reviews floating around the internet were fake. Those peddling positive reviews about Clout Pay are doing such in order for more people to get signed up via their links.

They are still thinking about making $10 for every referral. The truth still remains that these are yet to make a single dime from such a program.

Claiming that a company is easy when there is no proof. If it is as easy as claimed, there need to be some proofs to validate such claims.

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Here is how clout pay works

It may shock you to know that this website doesn?t profit or benefit people such as you. Rather, it has been created to benefit its real owners. These are people who will be trying to convince you to become part of the program even if you will not be paid eventually.

They try to make it look like money is being earned whenever your referral link gets clicked on by people on social media websites. However, nothing is being earned in reality. Everything you see inside your account is fake just to make you believe.

GPT websites aren?t that generous when it comes to payout offered to members. This means they don?t pay up to around $30 neither do they pay $10 for every referral. CloutPay?s claims aren?t reasonable or realistic. For instance, people are joining without paying any money and yet they are promising to pay up to $25 sign up bonus. Also, there is isn?t any ad on the website and yet they are claiming to offer $10 for every referral.

Another aspect where they haven?t told the truth is their formation year. This wasn?t the case when I checked on their background via As a matter of fact, it was stated on the website that cloud pay came into existence in 2015 while Whois revealed that it came into being in May 2019.

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It is obvious that they are only telling all these lies to ensure that you are convinced enough about their reputation.

Owners haven?t been revealed

Every genuine and reputable company will be bold enough to provide useful details about its owners. This is to ensure that both potential and existing customers trust its products. The case of Clout Pay is different the owners haven?t been revealed. This is a major red flag.

Their names weren?t mentioned anywhere on the website. This is because they want you to be kept in the dark about people who are behind the program which makes it even more suspicious. This move ensures that you are not able to get them prosecuted should anything go wrong.

Every stat that you will find on this site is fake. Just as mentioned earlier on, the information about their year of formation is completely false. Also, they have lied regarding how much has been paid out and also the members on board already.

I have come across people who are making claims about this program working for them. the truth is that they are only after getting more referrals. Some people will become very excited once payment confirmation is received. However, clout pay will later get disqualified due to one unrealistic reason. This is the time that most of the people will know that it has all been a scam.

The testimonials on the website aren?t real

It may interest you to know that testimonials on this website aren?t genuine. They aren?t from members who had firsthand experiences with Clout Pay and haven?t earned a single dime. The image below shows an example of a fake testimonial that Clout Pay owners have formed just to deceive people. The woman isn?t a member and the comment has been invented to make people believe that the program is genuine.

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This image as show below can be found on various sites online which don?t have any kind of affiliation with Clout Pay. Therefore, you can see that the lady on the picture isn?t a registered member. Also, the comment about earning $27k from Clout Pay has been invented.

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Also, other testimonials which you will come across on Clout Pay website aren?t real. Think about this for a moment. If this website is genuine, will there be problem with having to get testimonials from real members? The truth is that these testimonials have been put together by Clout Pay to make you feel that it is very genuine.

There are various websites online which are similar to Clout Pay. These are,,, and These work in a way that seems to be the same.

Various fraudulent websites are created to mislead people like you that are searching for how to make legitimate money online. They get people ripped off eventually.

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You won?t be paid

It is only the owners of clout that are making all the money. In other words, you are working to make them rich. You are working for them but in the end, they will not pay you a single dime. They have a goal which is to ensure that more people are signed into the program. This is the only way to make more money.

But how will they making money when people are actually allowed to join free of charge? Once you become a registered member, they will collect your personal details such as names, phone number and email address.

Once these have been collected, they will then begin the process of making money from members through illegal means. Such details can even be sold to unauthorized third parties without your consent. This can bring about a situation where you become prone to identity theft.

Also, such collected data can be used to access your back account details. This could be your PayPal or even local bank account. KidsEarnCash is a website that operates just like Clout Pay and began stealing from the accounts of registered members.

This is evident in the image below showing how someone?s bank account got emptied.

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Final thoughts about clout pay review

You will always be the one to call the shots after everything has been explained above. People are reporting about being scammed by websites such as Clout Pay.

Making around $500 every daily working with GPT websites isn?t realistic. These sites are only there to help you earn extra cash that can be help get your bills paid. Therefore, anytime you see a website claiming that you can make thousands from it then know that something is fishy. It is all about reading in ? between the lines and spotting every red flag.

Also, ensure that you are very careful about tasks to be found on these websites once registered. This is because they are dangerous than you may be thinking at the moment. for instance, there are tasks which can get you redirected to untrusted websites. These may demand for bank account or credit card details.

There are some which will ask you get infected games or even apps downloaded. These can harm your system with time since they contain malware. I will advise that you don?t get such tasks completed in order to ensure your device or system isn?t affected.

Although I have tried to look for any positive side about Clout Pay, I couldn?t find any. This means there is absolutely no way it can benefit. Due to the fact that only the owners benefit from such a program, it will be a complete waste of time to be part of such a program.

Also, this sort of program isn?t good from health perspective since it can make you prone to depression. You don?t want to wake up and notice that everything you?ve been working on is scam.

My final verdict will have to be that clout pay isn?t recommended.

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I just hope that given this review, you have been equipped to make a great decision. Also, you can share it amongst people to help them make better decisions too. If you have any question, Contribution or suggestion, drop such in the comment section. It will be replied ASAP.


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