The Disney Move Club — Is it really a good deal? — YES — And how I bought 10 Disney movies for way cheaper than Best Buy, Walmart, and even

The Disney Move Club — Is it really a good deal? — YES — And how I bought 10 Disney movies for way cheaper than Best Buy, Walmart, and even

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The Disney Movie Club is a great deal for folks interested in building up their Disney DVD or Blu-Ray collection. The Movie Club allows you to buy Disney Blu-Ray Movies for 30?40% lower than their retail price on Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart. When I first joined the club I bought 10 classic Disney Blu-Rays for $123 total, or about $12.30 per movie. Compare that to $175 to $200+ for the same set of movies at Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart.

Sign up with my referral link to get 5 Disney Movies for $1, otherwise without a referral code the standard Disney Movie Club offer is only 4 movies for $1.

My daughter was born in September 2015 and she is getting close to the age where I want to begin introducing her to Disney Movies. Disney story tales, Disneyland, and Disney characters played such a strong role in the fun memories of my childhood, that I am excited to start introducing her to the same. And what better way then to build up our home collection!

Here?s the basics of the Disney Movie Club standard offer:1. Sign up and get 4 Disney Movies for just $1 (free s/h).2. Commit to buying 5 more movies at regular price over the next 2 years.3. Every month, Disney will send you an email with a Featured Title movie that they will send you and bill you for, unless you decline. Declining is very easy, and I have done so nearly every time, opting instead to buy other regular priced movies at my own pace. They give you a 20?25 day window to cancel before Disney ships and then bills you for the movie.4. Once you?ve fulfilled the membership agreement (9 movies = 4 free + 5 purchased), you can then cancel at any time. Or stay on as a VIP member and reap additional benefits (free Disney pins, lithographs, Halloween items, etc).

However, there are a couple tricks you can take advantage of to make the deal even better:* The standard Disney Movie Club offer is 4 free movies, but if you sign up using a referral you get 5 free movies, which reduces your future commitment to only 4 movies. * Also, during the initial purchase, Disney will extend to you 2 additional one-time offers: 1) Purchase one more movie for $14.95, which reduces your future commitment to 3 movies; and 2) Purchase another movie for $9.95 which will NOT count towards your commitment.

So how much does this initial purchase cost you? Well you just selected 5 movies for free, purchased one for $14.95, and purchased another one for $9.95. All with free shipping. The total comes out to $25.90 for 7 movies. That?s $3.70 per movie. Below you can see the Blu-Ray movies I purchased.

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Now after this initial purchase, you are then required to purchase 3 more movies at regular price over the next 2 years to fulfill the commitment.

A short while later I ended up purchasing Moana, Toy Story, and Beauty and the Beast. Each movie was purchased at regular Blu-Ray price of $29.95, plus $6.95 shipping and handling. That comes out to $96.78..for 3 movies! Wow! But remember, you already purchased 7 movies for only $25.90. Which brings the total for all 10 movies to $122.68 ($25.90+$96.78), or $12.27 per Blu-Ray movie.

The real question I had, though, ? Could I have bought these Blue-Ray movies for cheaper if I just went through Amazon? Or Best Buy? Or even Walmart? And surprisingly, the answer is NO! The Disney Movie Club was much cheaper. Here?s a price comparison for the Blu-Ray movies across all 4 providers. **Prices for Best Buy, Walmart, and Amazon updated Feb 2019**

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You can see that for the same set of 10 movies, the Amazon price was about $90 more, while Best Buy and Walmart prices were both over $50 more! Buying these movies from Disney saves you over 30% vs Walmart!

After you?ve met your commitment you have two options ? stay on as a paying member, or cancel your account. I?ve read stories of people canceling their memberships once they hit the commitment, and then signing up again a few months later and getting 5 free movies again! However, I?ve never tried this method and I can honestly say I?m happy to stay on as a VIP member. Disney VIP member benefits include: additional movie discounts, free pins and other highly discounted items (ie Wreck It Ralph messenger bag), and offers a movie replacement program where Disney will replace 5 lost or broken movies EVERY year for no additional cost.

For example, at the time of writing, the Disney Movie Club is running a 50% off deal (plus free shipping) for VIP members when you buy 1 regularly priced item. They are also offering a free Ursula pin (3/10/2019), timed with the re-release of Little Mermaid. They?ve also offered many other free pins in the past (see 3rd image below).

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If this program sounds of interest to you, I encourage you to sign up. You can sign up here and get 4 free movies, or use my referral link and get 5 free movies and take advantage of all the deals as I outlined them above. If you use my referral link, I?ll also be awarded 2 free movies.

Feel free to ask me any questions and I?ll be happy to answer! Enjoy building your Disney movie collection! And while your at it, here are a bunch of free Disney Coloring Pages for your little ones ? my daughter loves all the coloring pages of Vanellope from Wreck It Ralph!


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