How to find social media accounts by email address?

How to find social media accounts by email address?

Have you ever tried to find social media accounts or profiles by email address? These days, social media plays a crucial role in everybody?s day-to-day lives. Irrespective of that fact that social media isn?t real and has an article in a virtual world, still we get used to being very sensitive about it.

Nowadays one of the most recommended sites to find social media accounts by email is there you can get all the information related to any email address including social media accounts, phone numbers, current address and more detailed info.


In the corporate world, an employer who is assigning an employee is more interested to know his or her social network profiles, be it Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. An employer of a gigantic corporate houses makes use of the email address to search social media accounts of the possible candidate. It is essential because social media represents deep facts about the individual.

If you?re planning to meet somebody tomorrow, it would be a better habit to look over his or her social media profile first. Doing this would help you in understand him or her before the meeting. However, the question is, how?d you do that?

Luckily, some ways would help you find their social media accounts of anyone only by using their email address. Following are some of the best tools that you can use:


Rapportive is a social media extractor that uses email. By utilizing it, you can obtain the LinkedIn profile of your target. When you receive a new email, the software will get activated and provide you the LinkedIn profile of the sender.

With Rapportive, you can determine the owner of the email, their current location, what they do as well as their profession. Upon getting all the data, you can now build the connection with the individual.


ManyContacts is one of those Google Chrome Extension that would guide you in searching social media account of an individual with the help of their email address. After you install the extension, it will get to work right away. You will notice ?Blue Tick? icon located in the top right corner of your Chrome.

The best thing about ManyContacts is that it would sync with all your Gmail address with it. On top of that, you can get all the social network accounts of all those persons who emailed you. All you need to do is to click the Blue Tick icon, and a list of contacts will show providing you different social media profiles.

This extension is very convenient for bloggers and website owners. Let?s assume that you receive a comment on your blog, which needs urgent feedback. You can get the social media profile of that person and reply directly to the query of your reader on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media platform.

However, this hack might not work 100% at all times. Still, it is a free add-on, which could aid you to become more social along with individuals who matter to you. If you?ve been engaging with people online through email, don?t forget to install ManyContacts. Connect with those on their social media profile, and you?ll establish a great relationship in no time.


On the other hand, Lullar is the same as Google of social media and email database. It is an online tool that would guide you in searching the social media accounts of your target by only using their email. Lullar doesn?t provide a Chrome extension, so you need to utilize this tool through their website.

To search for their social media, visit their website at and then select ?People Search by name or email.? In the following page, you can enter the email address of your target and search. The process is very easy, fast and provides relevant results.


While the discussed extensions and tools enable you to obtain social account profiles by an email, you can also utilize option search from famous social networks such as Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and more.

The majority of these social media have search bars, which enable you to search for individuals by typing their surname and name. Those search bars can reverse lookup an email address to locate linked profiles. However, if the email address isn?t a verified one, you need to enhance your search to get the information.

To sum up, having these web-based services and free tools at your disposal, you can find social media accounts by email address anytime you wish.

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