Women and men are exposed to stereotypical gender roles throughout history. Gender roles represent behaviors that are considered for men and women as part of culture in a society, these roles created by gender codes and seem every segment of society. For example, some old tables and statues have feminine figures, women?s positions resemble gender codes of our days. After gender codes get around a lot of parts, start shows films, series and finally advertisements. Codes of Gender is a documentary which tells gender roles or codes in advertisements through Gender Advertisements ? Erving Goffman. Goffman mentioned gender display; gender display shows created gender codes in advertisements so gender advertisement happens with gender display. Gender codes use some created perceptions on people mind. The major perception is ?men active, women passive?, it is more prevalent idea in society and used in advertisements. Analyzing how to create this perception in advertisements, with using stereotyped figures and positions. For example, the feminine touch more using items in the advertisement, products even cars are advertised in women hands. After self-touching shows up, women?s touching own body and this seem elegant or sexy. These items always develop and are reflected women?s positions, every position has specific meanings such as, getting strength from something shows women?s weakness or bending head, leg or body refer to balance and it shows women?s helplessness. Every element has some gender codes and these codes cause seem to women like emotional, empathetic, frail etc. so they stereotype as passive.Men?s gender roles create with masculine codes but these codes create through women and women?s roles. Men reflect generally strong, self-confident and competitive so they are shown making up for women lacking features. For example, men have po-faced and eye contact so they seem like strong but women next to him seem delicate so the perception that men protect women or women need the protection of men are stirred on people mind. Women are shown like obedient to men. Men don?t have similar figures like women as a matter of fact figures are askew in men. Created gender codes always have contrast; women always seem submissive, powerless and dependent opposite to men. This situation cause power relations and actually gender roles occur from it.In conclusion, gender roles are the common case in advertisements and these roles show with codes, these codes separate from two as feminine and masculine and consequently gender display are created. Gender displayed is made generally through women, they have specific stereotyped roles and men?s roles consist of women?s roles. Women generally understate from own nature and thus seem passive but in contrast, men always characterize as powerful so seem active. Men?s power is at the forefront in this context power relations are created among genders and gender roles originate from power relations, all examples refer men?s power or women?s weakness.


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