Embed Instagram Feed on Website- Try Amazing Way

Embed Instagram Feed on Website- Try Amazing Way

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In this Informative Article, We?ll Show You How You Can embed Instagram Feed on website.This simple and easy to use tool fetches your Instagram photographs and displays them on any site with a single line code. Just imagine the time you?ll save in showcasing precisely the very same photos automatically on your website.

You are no longer cropping hosting and optimizing of your site galleries. It fetches your Instagram photographs, videos and also just one line of code will display your full Instagram feed on almost any site.

Watch this video guide to embed Instagram feed on the website ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vLQcsbOjLw8

Here I am explaining to you through one of my preferred tool Taggbox Widget.Embedding Instagram feed with Taggbox is simple.

To start with click on to create an account(Start Your 14 Days Free Trial), after making an account that our smart wizard will guide you to make your first Instagram wall or you can follow the below steps to include Instagram feed:

Add Instagram Feed on Website

Open Wall Editor and click Feeds

  1. Click on Add Feed
  2. Choose Instagram as a source from popup
  3. Select the Instagram connection type (hashtag, profile post or location) and then fill out the required fields
  • Hash Tag (#) ? Fetches Instagram feeds through hashtags.
  • Profile Post (@) ? Collects Instagram feeds from business profile handle. Enter your Instagram user handle(username).

5. Then click ?Create Feed? button to complete adding.

6. Provide the login credentials for Instagram and sign in.

Embed Instagram Feed on Website

Follow below steps to get the HTML code for embedding Instagram feed:

  1. Click on the Display button and choose Embed on website option,
  2. Select your suitable platform such as WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, etc. or you can simply generate an embed code for your HTML Website.
  3. Choose one from Auto and Fixed to set the Width and Height according to your choice.
  4. When you are done with your settings then click on Get code.
  5. Copy the code from the field or you can also see a preview of your wall by clicking on Preview.
  6. Paste the code into the body section of your website.

Now It?s Done!!

Embed Instagram Feed On Website. ? Try Taggbox(Start 14 days free trial)


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