Terraria 1.4 Character editor Download | Best Terraria Inventory editor

Terraria 1.4 Character editor Download | Best Terraria Inventory editor

{Update} Terraria inventory editor 1.4 is now available for download. Terraria is a land of adventure, mysteries and a land to your image and to defend while having fun. Your possibilities are limitless. Are you an action player with your finger on the trigger or rather a construction professional? An explorer ?

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Everyone will find his place here. Start by building a basic shelter and then mine other resources. Discover and build more than three hundred varieties of ranged, melee and armor weapons as well as armor and use them to fight hundreds of different monsters .

You will soon face dozens of Bosses. Go fishing , ride a horse , look for floating islands , build houses for NPCs and much more.

More over there are tons of tools to play with and make gameplay more fun. The same tool which is available is Terraria character editor.

This character editor/inventory editor is a important part of your game if you want to play for hours. As it help to customize your character which looks amazing on any screen.

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Features of Terraria 1.4 Character editor

Character editor is a third party tool which help to give a new look to your character in the game.

  • You can change the hair color, hair style.
  • You can change dress of the character
  • You can add/delete items from the inventory
  • You can control buff

How to download and use Character editor

Just download this software from the link below and install it as you install any other piece of software.

You may need to use unzip software. After installing it just double click on the icon and you are character editor ready to go.

To use this just import your character to the inventory editor. You can find your character in My documents/My Games/Terraria/ folder.

Terraria character is not working

If you are getting any error just uninstall the software, restart your computer, install the editor again.

It should work now.

Download Terraria Character editor latest for free


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