Taurus Man in Bed

Taurus Man in Bed

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Want to know Taurus man in bed? Taurus loves the big picture, so a completely organized evening out from A to Z. No short sex, but a date in a luxury hotel. Preferably with a chic dinner, candles, fine scents, and sensual music. He also likes long foreplay and he likes to make love for hours.

The easy way to put your Taurus?s cravings for sexual variety under control ? and how to keep him so satisfied that he?s just never interested in chasing after other women (or even reacting to their seduction attempts).



They are dedicated and stubborn, loyal, and down-to-earth, friendly, and controlled. They prefer a stable life without too many problems and they are romantic and sensual in love. But beware: they have that wide head with horns for a reason, so they can be stubborn too. But on the inside, they mean well, dear ones. If you just give them their way, let?s say. An ode to one of the most hardworking signs of the zodiac.

They can also be a bit possessive, both materially and romantically, but hey: you should not expect too much craziness from people for whom ?do normal then you are already acting crazy enough?. Unless of course, you are going to swing a red cloth. Good news: the bull is a rather ?sensory? sign (yes hello, we don?t make this up ourselves people), for which smell and touch are very important. Oh yeah, and they don?t like giving up either.

The Taurus (April 20 ? May 20)

Element: EarthSpecial numbers: 6, 15, 24, 33, 42, 51 (and then add 9 more)Colors: pink, blue and dark greenLucky days: Monday and FridayBest fitting: Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn and PiscesMost incompatible: Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aries, and Aquarius.Suitable professions: Creative professions, entrepreneur, architect, financial professions, construction, agriculture, sculpture, chef, music worldHealth problems: throat infections, lung, liver and kidney problems, rheumatismHerbs: bergamot, yarrow, catnip, coltsfoot, lovage, mint, feverfew, thyme, valerian, elder.

Good qualities: bulls are generous and will always want to help people. Both in great need and with small problems; they don?t care. In friendships, they are loyal and straightforward. They are level-headed; just do it then you do crazy enough is the motto of the Taurus (and they remain honest and polite).

The Taurus will almost never lose his or her patience and will sympathetically indicate that someone is crossing his or her boundaries. They are independent and do not need someone quickly, both in relationships and in their careers. They often succeed in daily life and are not easily in trouble. Their perseverance is great; they tackle failures and setbacks with full force.

Bad qualities (joe, sorry!): Bulls have a head with horns for a reason: they are therefore not always easy to deal with. They have respect for others, but once they have something in their head, this will not come out soon.

The Taurus is a friendly sign, but they can certainly think of their own skin. At those moments they can suddenly be very rude and do not pay attention to the emotions that others get because of this. If the Taurus has no clear goal, it is not going to burn ahead.

They want a nice luxurious life, and find money and possess very pleasant. Finally, they can be a bit possessive: jealousy and even revenge can happen in the craziest case if someone tries to take something dear from them.

So, well, what you say: that was our thing. Is it really fun now because these are the things you want to know if you love Taurus:

1 They are on the ground with both hoovesBulls are down to earth and down to earth. And practical. And reliable. A Taurus is not afraid of a problem, small or large, and will be ready to think along with you or help you. Bulls don?t like problems and prefer to run their lives smoothly.

Therefore, they will do everything to protect what they have, only when a whole lot of thunder really reads from their hands will they admit that they may have to change or adjust something.

They are also not easily angry (even if you would expect that from a, well, Taurus): none of that already. Bulls are generally calm and relaxed and know how to keep their moods under control. Unless of course you suddenly order pizza only for yourself. Well, then you ask for it. Hello.

2 They are still sensual and sexy AFSex and love are a THING for the Taurus. But before they get that far they can be picky about the corner, and they may like short adventures but in the end, they go for the longer story. The Taurus firmly believes in faithfulness and long-lasting love, so if they start something with you, that is the starting point. If it still fails, it is nothing for the Taurus to look back with regret. They gave their slant, so apparently it wasn?t meant to be.

What do you say? What about that sex? Oh yes, that?s true. Bulls are already sensory, and they will use those senses as well. Bulls were born under Venus, the goddess of all things sexy. And you will notice that too. Also in bed, yes, and fill in the rest yourself…

3 They love beautyArt, music, clothing, gadgets, good food, or beautiful furniture: the bull likes to surround himself with beautiful things. They can be called quite a bit materialistic, but not everything has to cost anything right away: a beautiful sunset or eating a pizza together on the couch with a nice film: the bull appreciates it just as well.

Moreover, the bull is willing to work hard, if he wants to afford that luxury. As a parent, the bull often has a soft spot for his / her child?s wishes: they often find it hard to resist the questioning eyes of their sprouts, and they tend to spoil their children. The darlings.

4 They?re house sparrowsHome is where the bull is, shall we say. And they really make something of that, including blankets, snacks, candles, music, Netflix, incense. You do them a lot more fun with an entre-nous in your casa, than it is difficult to spend too much money together in a trendy bar. And that immediately brings us to the following point because:

5 They are NOT in a hurryStronger: in the company of a bull it is often remarkably relaxed and relaxed. Bulls are not easily rushed and like to do things at their own pace. As a result, they may appear a bit cold-blooded, but mind you: that tough image hides a sensitive heart.

They can, therefore, take criticism or stupid jokes very personally (and not forget them), especially when they are about their appearance. The nice side of this is that a bull is good at sensing others, they can also pick up subtle hints quickly. And that is something that you would not immediately expect with a bull (as in horns, big, furious, red rag, and everything) but nice that it is.

6 They like control and overviewAnyway, those horns do have: so they can sometimes be a bit stubborn. Shouldn?t be a problem if you let them do their thing, you know? Bulls like to do things their way, and they don?t like unexpected things.

So suddenly deviate from your travel plan or surprise your bull as if by magic with a Completely Different Idea Than You Previously Conceived and prepare yourself for breezes and resistance.

That?s because bulls just don?t like ambiguity really. Not because they are boring, but because they like to avoid problems. Tip: prepare them. Or bribe them with wine and sex. That sometimes helps. I heard this from a friend, by the way.

7 They do not shy away from a challenge.

Bulls are competitive and like to perform. In addition, bulls know quite well what they want, and they will not give up quickly until they have reached their goal.

So are you looking for the kind of love where the other person easily turns with you and can quickly adopt a different opinion? Then walk past that meadow of the bull. However, you can rest assured that they are loyal, principled, and clear.

Although they will not do the latter in a blunt way: a bull knows how to deliver a message (?hello handsome?), also a bit less positive.

8 Family is EVERYTHINGTheir loved ones, their families, children, and by marriage: bulls do a lot to keep everyone who has come close to their heart there. They are true romantics, sentimental, and? they can sometimes become jealous or over-protective if that love is not answered with fervor.

Basically, that?s their way of showing you they love you.

9 They love traditionsRed roses, marriage proposals, keeping doors open, love letters. But also Christmas brunches, birthdays, Easter breakfasts: the bull likes to keep traditions alive. They do this in combination with a practical view of life that can sometimes be a bit conservative.

It may all be so: it also makes the Taurus a loyal friend and ally, who does not give up quickly and will make an effort for those around him or her. That?s great, man. We say hold that bite.

You may be wondering? Can the stars really help me capture my Taurus man? Is it really possible to get a Taurus man to chase you, even if your signs don?t seem really compatible?

The Truth Might Shock You?

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