What Does THIRSTY mean?!

What Does THIRSTY mean?!

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Let?s chat about the word ?thirsty.? If you guys don?t know what it means, it?s when a guy (or girl) is showing a lot of interest in someone they?re attracted to. When a girl feels a guy is giving too much attention she might call him ?thirsty.? In the girl?s eyes, he?s doing too much. Yes, there are creepy guys out there that are annoying ? they call 24/7, text too much etc. I?m not talking about those guys. I?m talking about a nice cute guy that starts to show interest in you. Then, because he?s showing interest instead of ignoring you, he gets call thirsty.

Let me break this down. If you like a guy and he makes effort to get to know you, that?s not a bad thing. That?s what you want. Someone you like, to like you back. If you call a guy thirsty because he doesn?t wait 6 hours to text you back. Then the problem is with you and your self-worth. Let me reiterate I?m not talking about creepy guys. I?m talking about normal guys, doing normal things to date you.

We have this idea that chasing a guy that?s not interested is cool. Whereas a guy showing he?s available is a turn-off. We need to shift those ideas. It?s not cool to be into the guy that doesn?t show any interest in you. That hardly texts you back, makes dates and breaks them. That?s wack AF.

A guy that calls you when he says he?s going to call you, texts you back right away and makes plans is not thirsty. That is a guy about his business and doesn?t have time for games. You deserve a guy to treat you well. You don?t deserve to chase a guy that gives you half his time. I don?t like the term thirsty because sometimes it applies to guys trying to date the right way. We shouldn?t discourage that. We should embrace the attention as how a healthy relationship starts.


What are your thoughts on the word ?thirsty?? Let me know in the comments.


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