Subreddits for Dating

Subreddits for Dating

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Filter Off put together a list of the top subreddits for people who are dating. Many people who are just beginning to date or trying a dating app for the first time may feel intimidated. They don?t know where to take their date or what dating app to use. The questions are endless. When you?re in that hole you don?t even know where to begin. The power of community is that others have been in your shoes. They can offer advice and even make recommendations having you feel confident about moving forward. With online dating, there are many things to look out for. Your date may be lying about their dating profile and may even be catfishing you. You may also have questions like when you should ask him or her out on the date. The list goes on and on. When going on a in-person date, the questions and concerns will only grow longer. Questions may include, Do I pay for the date? Where should I take her out?

Reddit offers a fantastic community that crowdsources information. Reddit offers subreddits that are specified topics that cater to an audience. The beauty of Reddit is that many of the users on subreddits have gone through similar experiences and have also started from square one, like where you may be now. They likely had similar questions that you?re now having. You can also look at the most popular posts on subreddits in a given time period. Finding other frequently asked questions and concerns from other daters. You can use the subreddits to build knowledge in the area that you?re looking to learn about and in this case in the dating and online dating space. The subreddits below cover dating apps, catfishing, dating advice, and a way to make new friends.

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List of Dating & Online Dating Subreddits

Originally published at on February 7, 2020.


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