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StyleWe offers consumers the chance to shop fashionable clothing designs made by independent fashion designers and a small boutique in one convenient online store but with a twist. Unlike another online shopping platform that says a variety of unique selection, StyleWe allows designers to focus on their designing work, while the company looks after other processes like production and customer service.

The company StyleWe claims that, through this unique structure, customers are able to curate their own, unique style and build a relationship with the designer for diverse and personal fashion choices. For designers, they claim that this model allows those who create to enjoy recognition and direct customer feedback, instead of the anonymity that comes from designing for large labels.

StyleWe has an attractive collection of modern fashion clothes. But if you visit their facebook page or site jabber you will notice lots of negative complaints. Based on the multiple reviews about the retailer available on the web, we have synthesized some of the pros and cons of ordering from the StyleWe clothing. At the end our reviews, we hope that you will find yourself well equipped to make the best online shopping decision to suit your personal needs.

What Does StyleWe Sell?

StyleWe offers all category of women?s clothing that you would expect from a big online store, including

  • Dresses
  • Tops
  • Outerwear
  • Skirts
  • Pants
  • Jumpsuits
  • Swimwear
  • Handbags

You can browse through the selections without signing up for the website. But to make a purchase, registration is required. On the upside of the website, registering gives you a coupon good for 10% off on your first purchase on the website.

The selections available in StyleWe various categories do not prescribe to any particular style. In dress, shoppers will find midriff ? baring skirt and top combos and bandage dress next to the evening gowns, so in short there is no particular order of any kind.

When compared to department store website or even larger boutique stores that allow for better filtering of sub-categories, the enormous number of items available can be overwhelming. Further the inconsistencies in image background and the dated look and experience offered by the website fall short of building the customer?s confidence. What is included in detailed product information, including material, fit measurements, and laundering instruction? This is often left out by smaller boutiques whose focus on style can leave gaps in the purchasing experience. Although it?s worth noting that the majority of items that we view on the website are polyester.

StyleWe Refund and Pricing Policy

As we saw that before purchasing the registration is required, becoming a member is free. Items range from flash selection starting $40 to professional and formal wear that is over $150. Standard shipping costs are between $1.99 and $6.99 and take between 5?7 days after processing. Processing is standard 3?5 days. Free standard shipping is offered on all orders over $60. Alternatively, shoppers can also choose express shipping which takes 2?5 days after processing and costs between $9.99 and $29.99.

StyleWe does allow the items to be returned within 30 days of the date that it was received. To return an item, it must not be used, should be undamaged and in its unusual package. Moreover, you are accountable for the cost of return shipping. To make a return or exchange, you need to request to do so online by clicking the button on the right of your order confirmation. You will receive an authorization number and return address within 24 hours, at which point you can post your return.

However, swimwear cannot be returned or exchanged if the product is defective. Furthermore, you must deliver StyleWe with an image of the article to prove that there is a defect when requesting a return. If you feel you have made a mistake in your order and cancel it within 24 hours of purchase, StyleWe will issue a full refund. For orders that have not yet shipped, but have been made in excess of 24 hours, it offers a partial refund after a 15% cancelation fee.

Designer Experience

StyleWe heavily advertises and explains their business model based on connecting designers to the wider public, and they provide a list of designer pages to promote their StyleWe clothes. While the user can browse through product listing and follow favorite designer on the site, there does not seem to be a way to directly connect or interact with the designer, which is pointed by some reviews.

Since the company is also based in China, some StyleWe reviews do voice their anxieties over the legitimacy of the designers? capability.

Reviews of The Customer For The StyleWe Company on Different Platforms

Some positive reviews

  • I love the dress: I love shopping at StyleWe. My dress arrived such what described and what was in the images and are of excellent quality. What gorgeous luck to find good quality clothes at this shop. I am glad and I will endorse to friends. I have a new favorite dress.
  • My order arrived right now! I bought some nice jeans to die for. The service was spectacular, the purchase was easy to carry out and the delivery arrived within the stipulated time.
  • The quality is very good, I was really satisfied. I?m sure I?ll repeat it again.
  • Stylish clothes at Stylewe: I love the design and the workmanship. Although the price is higher compared to other online stores, I don?t mind paying because of the good quality. They also have very helpful customer support and replies to my queries promptly. Highly recommend Stylewe.
  • Some months back, a friend introduced me to this site saying they had really beautiful footwear?s because I was meaning to get some affordable slippers. after going through their site, I was totally blown away with the various options you could choose from and then proceeded to order some slippers from them which the shipped down to Nigeria for me and when I saw it, it was exactly as it was on their site. The slippers were truly money well spent.

Some Negative Reviews

Some common StyleWe complaints were:

  • Poor quality
  • Payments
  • Prolonged delivery
  • Customer service
  • Return process

While many of the products we use on a daily basis are manufactured overseas, StyleWe international location is at odds with their message of quality and independent designers. Clothing made in China is also generally associated with questionable fit and material.

  • The dress I ordered was nothing like advertised and it came in the ripped damaged package. When I contacted them for a refund they try to say I should take 30% and be happy. I insisted on returning the item and after many emails, they sent the preprinted label to send the item back. The shipping to China is very expensive. I contacted them several times they claimed that they did not receive the package. The package came back 5 months later address unknown?After I contacted them again they offer 30% again which I have not seen yet!!!! Probably never!!! Worst experience I had buying online. NOT recommended. Be aware of scam!
  • I wish I had seen these posts before I bought from Stylewe. The quality is terrible and the sizing is completely random. As other reviewers shared, you have to pay to return to China. They only give you 15% of the cost of your item!!!!
  • Here is the response: ?: Our return center is located in Guangzhou, China. According to our return policy, the customer is responsible for return shipping cost and any other related return charges (including possible customs fee). Your refund will be handled after our return team received and inspected the returned article.
  • Since over the sea return might result in long waiting time and suffer return cost on your side, we endorse some different methods to resolve this issue. We would like to offer a 15% cash refund or 20% store credit refund instead of returning the item(s). If there are any issues related to size, you can use this fund to alter the cloth.?
  • BEWARE!!!!! This is the company is a sham! Low-quality clothing and the most horrible customer service out there!!!
  • Plus your clothes come from China so returns are very expensive postage for you and then they don?t claim them at customs so gets returned back to you to no avail!! What a joke!!!

Rating Summary

  • 5 stars ? 1,015
  • 4 stars ? 175
  • 3 stars ? 63
  • 2 stars ? 115
  • 1 star ? 785


Overall we are left with the impression that StyleWe is a Chinese ? based clothing manufacturer of the likes that might supply good brand or other budget-minded stores, but are trying to cut out the distributor by offering selections directly to consumers. While this might work in theory, the company seems to have worked out many of the bugs with their shipping and processing.

Bottom line, if you find that you have fallen in love with one of the StyleWe selection and are okay with the price, you might be pleased with the order, provided you are not in haste. However, we would like to advice against the shopping StyleWe on the premises of supporting independent designers or saving cash on small label purchases, as there are so many other options that do not involve international shipping.

Originally published at on October 22, 2018.


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