SP-404: A mainstay in the Lo-Fi Hip Hop community

SP-404: A mainstay in the Lo-Fi Hip Hop community

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I?m back again with a Hip Hop production post. This time, I want to discuss the SP-404, a beloved sampler among ?Lo-Fi Hip Hop? producers.

A crunchy sounding machine, shaped like a big calculator

The Roland SP-404 essentially looks like a big calculator. It?s been used by a lot of contemporary electronic musicians trying to add a bit more of a performance or standalone element to their sets or sound.

?SP-404SX || Beginner?s guide || Table of contents included? by User 173, YouTube.

You can sample records on it or other sounds in a very straightforward manner. There are many effects and ?tweaks? you can perform from the machine itself without the aid of a computer.

?Why did I purchase a Roland SP-404sx?? by Sarah2ill, YouTube.

Moreover, there is a ?Lo-Fi? button which ?dirties? samples and a vinyl simulator button. Certain tracks on Madvillainy, were produced by famed producer Madlib with only a turntable and an SP-303 (the predecessor of the 404).

A true cult following

Like other famous samplers like the MPC 60 or the SP-1200, the SP-404 has a large cult following.

It?s not just older Hip Hop ?purists? who are fans of the machine, a younger wave of beatmakers and producers has embraced the 404. They often post tutorials and ?beat videos? on YouTube and other social media platforms.

?Use hiss in pauses to spice up your lofi hiphop beats! (SP404sx tutorial)? by spvidz, YouTube.?Sp404 Live Set || Brenky || Episode 1 || Hip Hop Beats || HWS? by HWS tv, YouTube.?SP404 Live Set #2 ? Mayaewk ? Lofi HipHop & Chill Beats? by kodomo record, YouTube.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this short piece. Until next time. ??

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