MapleStory 2 Level 60 Assassin skill plus point and equipment attribute selection

MapleStory 2 Level 60 Assassin skill plus point and equipment attribute selection

Assassin is the king of the long-range attack profession, the ethereal body, cool skill effects, plus its own Fatal Strikes, 100% crit in a dozen seconds, allowing players to experience a powerful output pleasure.

Under the current version, Assassin is divided into two major genres in the team Dungeons. One is the output genre and the other is the auxiliary genre. Both of these genres can improve the team?s output ability and make a great contribution to the team?s overall damage. Today U4gm mainly shares the output genre PVE skills with you.

What kind of skills are added to make you truly become the core of the team?s output?

First, PVE skills plus point analysisAssassin in PVE mainly relies on some skills of darts to cause damage. Next, let?s analyze Assassin?s art skills.1.Lucky Stars: This is a normal attack by Assassin. In the absence of SP, rely on Lucky Stars for continuous output, so this skill must be filled.

2.Fragmented Star: It is the pre-killing ability to activate the Thrown Weapon Mastery. Add at least 5 points. If the skill point is enough, you can add more points.

3. Star Chaser: Assassin?s core attack skills, but also the main skills of fast consumption of SP, skill cooling time is only 4 seconds. Need to fill up.

4. Star Flurry: Assassin?s core attack skill, consumes 15 SP and cools for 4 seconds. After filling up, it will cause 85% damage to the weapon attack power 6 times. The damage is very high and must be filled.

5. Thrown Weapon Mastery: Passive skill. After filling up, the weapon?s attack power is increased by 6.4%. Although it is not an active release skill, it has a great effect on lifting damage.

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Darkness skill plus point analysisShadow Cutter: Assassin?s core attack skill, when done, deals 25% damage to 8 enemies at 10 meters.

Outbreak skill analysisFatal Strikes: Assassin?s most important explosive skill. After filling up, within 17 seconds, all attacks 100% trigger crit damage, and with the crit damage attribute on the equipment, the damage is very scary.This is why Assassin must increase the crit damage attribute.

Restore SP skillsShadow Hunting: Recovering the SP value after use, and using this skill reasonably can greatly improve the DPS.

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Second, the PVE output method1.Lucky Stars + Shadow Cutter + Star Flurry + Star ChaserThis set of common attack skills is usually used when there is not enough SP.

2.Shadow Cutter + Fragmented Star + Star Flurry + Star ChaserIn the case of sufficient SP, you can use this set of skills, first open Fatal Strikes before use. Under the influence of Fatal Strikes, 100% of all attacks trigger crit, so it is easy to see that this is a set of explosive skills that can make DPS a big lift. Players can set the above two methods as a combination of keys so that it is especially simple to use.

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Third, equipment property selectionWant to play super high damage, naturally must have a good weapon, in the current version, cold blood darts are gradually eliminated, but the low price is still an alternative for players.The new exclusive weapon Willy Ward darts, although the attack power is high, the additional Buff is powerful, but the price is too high.

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Scattered weapons with shiny ivory boomerangs may be your only choice. The shining ivory boomerang is produced in the Temple of Indestructible.Unlike the fixed attributes of the new exclusive weapon, the spare weapon has a unique random attribute vocabulary, and the random attribute allows the player to have a more flexible matching space.

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Armor: Choose to increase the damage of the leader. A large amount of boss damage is an attribute that any DPS needs.Gloves: Choose the defense penetration property,Hat: Choose the leader damage attribute, also use The corner of Balkan or Cape of Carter, with Assassin high burst skills, increases a lot of burst damage.

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Jewelry: The first attribute selects crit damage, and the second attribute selects defense penetration.High crit damage can cause Assassin to deal high damage.

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Cloak and Belt: The first attribute crit damage, the second attribute defense penetration.

For Assassin?s skill points and attribute equipment, share it here, follow MapleStory 2 Classes and get more MapleStory 2 career information.


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