(Solved) Login Failed for User (Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 18456)

(Solved) Login Failed for User (Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 18456)

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Solution –

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As you know well, we can login-in at MS SQL Server 3 types:

1. A local Windows user account or trustworthy domain account –

2. Windows group ? Granting access to a Windows group grants

3. SQL Server login. SQL Server stores each the username and a hash of the password within the master database, by victimisation internal authentication methods to verify login tries

If you got this error for ?SA? then 100% sure the issue is about Password (not inserting correct password / Incorrect password).

If you don?t know the password of user ?SA? then do the below steps to reset the password –

Login in MS SQL server with Windows Authentication.

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Open the Object Explorer ? expand connected SQL instance ? select Security. expand it ? expand login ? select ?sa? user name and open the property then change the password.

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Also, make sure below 2 things as well which is very important-

  1. ?SA? user status should be (permission to connect to database engine = Grant and Login also Enabled.)

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2. Open the MS SQL server Instance Property ? server authentication has to selected as ?SQL Server and Windows Authentication Mode?

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3. One more important this –

Do not forget to restart SQL Instance service –

Open services.msc ? search SQL Server (Instance Name). Right-click on it and do it restart.

Have a great day! Enjoy.


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