Modern Battle : Facebook vs Instagram, Content Analysis

Modern Battle : Facebook vs Instagram, Content Analysis

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Facebook is a platform intended for networking and connecting with friends. It?s for people connecting with people they know. As it is quite evident from their tag line ?Be connected?. To make networking with friends fun and amazing, they allow you to post, message, share, comment, like, etc.

Whereas Instagram says ? Capture and Share the World?s Moments.? Instagram is a platform for sharing quality pictures and short videos. People follow their friends for obvious reasons, but they also follow strangers as they offer them something whether be it memes, fashion whatever.

Facebook has 1.13 billion daily active users as compared to Instagram which has 500 million monthly active users, Facebook is leading in numbers.But Instagram has better statistics in engagement and content sharing. All in all, Facebook has more total users but Instagram also has a very strong following. This means that they work differently for different kind of audience.

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Let?s talk about the factors which influence the Facebook?s algorithms.1. CommentsPosts that people don?t comment or react fades away from timeline very soon.

2. ReactionsFacebook prioritize the posts based on the reactions they are receiving, Just as in life, ?loving? is a more valued emotional signal than ?liking.?

3. Sharing links over messengerOf all the interactions, this is the one that makes most sense as if user shares a piece on content to their wall, that?s great. But what?s even great is sending that link to your friends.

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Speaking of demographics, it has been observed that on Facebook more percentage of elderly people are there as compared to Instagram. Let?s consider a typical scenario where A student Ramesh goes for an educational trip to Rajasthan, so in case of Facebook he can write about the culture, infrastructure, heritage of the place and meanwhile can share the pictures as well and not only on his timeline but in their class groups also. Whereas he would use Instagram for uploading his daily stories, where all he is travelling, with pictures and small travel clips.

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Now let?s talk about the factors which influence the algorithm of Instagram.1.InterestYour Instagram feed will be flooded by the similar type of content which you have liked previously.

2.RecencyHow recently the post was shared, with prioritization for latest posts over old ones.

3.Relationship This is a unique factor as the content would also depend on your relationship with that person who has shared the post, as how you frequently you like, tag or comment on his/her posts.

Facebook and Instagram are easy to use when it involves running advertising and marketing campaigns or sharing your trip pictures with your friends. More or less both of them are one of the best social media platforms. So in conclusion I would like to say it clearly depends on you how you make the best use of these platforms and nature of your business will tell which one is better for you.


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