SN Meaning: Do You Know What the Useful Acronym “SN” Stands For?

What does SN mean? If you have ever seen a conversation where someone is pissed off, then you might see this acronym being used. However, you may not have understood the meaning behind it and that is most likely the reason why you are here. Fortunately, you have come to the right place. Here you will find the meaning of this phrase, information about its origin if available, and some of the alternative meanings it may have. You will also find some conversation examples to help you obtain a deeper understanding of the term by seeing it used in the proper context. In conclusion, you will discover some alternative phrases that are synonymous with the original phrase that this acronym represents.

SN Meaning

What Does SN Mean?

This acronym most popularly represents the phrase ?say nothing .? It is most commonly used on the internet and in text messaging when someone is extremely upset with someone else and is used as a response to the other person when you don?t want them to say anything at all because you are just too angry or upset to hear it.

Origin of SN

There is no information available regarding the origin of this acronym or the phrase that it represents in the meaning stated above.

Other Meanings

This acronym can be used to represent many other terms, businesses, practices, etc. also. There are too many possibilities to mention them all here on this page, but some of the other representations are ?screen name,? ?side note,? ?send nudes,? ?social network,? and the very derogatory term ?sand nigga/nigger.? These are just a small handful of examples of the other meanings this acronym could have.

Conversation Examples

A text message exchange between two friends.

Friend 1 : I am so sorry that I hit on your girlfriend when I was drunk.

Friend 2 : If I were you, I would sn.

An online conversation between two Facebook users.

User 1 : You are one of those liberal know-it-alls who just push their views on everyone else.

User 2 : SN you know nothing asshole! You don?t even know me.

Synonyms of SN

There are several synonymous phrases that you could use in place of the phrase that is most commonly represented by this acronym. Some of the other phrases you could use include:

be quiet

shut up

don?t speak to me

SN Meaning Infographic

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