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What is sensual touch therapy? And what is Her Private Pleasures all about?

Sensual touch therapy is a beautiful gift a woman can give to herself. Without the expectation of reciprocation or the pressure to please her partner, women are finally free to lay back, relax, and open themselves up to a liberating sensual journey that?s all about them.

When a woman makes an appointment with Doctor M of Her Private Pleasures, she?s assured a safe, respectful and confidential experience, where her daily stress is relieved and her feminine energy released ? all without drama or complications.

What outcome can women expect from a session?

During a session, guests may experience a single thunderous orgasm ? powerful multiple orgasms ? or more subdued, intermittent waves of pleasure.

On a higher level, sensual touch therapy can help women learn to better connect to their sexual selves. For example, it can reawaken dormant sexual feelings and low libidos? it can help women regain confidence stemming from negative intimate experiences? and it can help them achieve more frequent and intense orgasms.

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Could you walk us through the experience, starting when someone first reaches out to you?

Guests typically find me via online search or through word of mouth ? one friend sharing their experience with another. They?ll then check out and the testimonials, and if sufficiently intrigued, shoot me an email.

As exciting as this experience is for a lot of women, most are understandably a little nervous, and I?ll do whatever I can to make sure each guest feels safe, relaxed and comfortable during every phase of the process. Eventually, we?ll chat by phone, and if she?s ready to move forward, we?ll schedule a session.

Once at my New York City location, I?ll spend a few minutes reiterating how the session will unfold and address any issues, concerns or special requests she may have. I?ll remind her to silence her inner monologue, dismiss any feelings of awkwardness, and open herself up to receiving full-body bliss.

What happens next?

Sessions begin with soft whispery strokes designed to arouse the senses, build trust, and ease the guest into more intimate touch. I?ll then apply warm silky coconut oil to her back, neck, shoulders, arms and legs ? before slowly making my way toward her erogenous zones.

Technically, what I do is not a massage, as I do not manipulate muscles or provide deep tissue work. And while my practice may include some tantric elements of yoni massage, it is not tantra. There is no ancient Indian mysticism, spiritual chants, breathing exercises, or anything like that.

What it does include is communication ? and during the journey I will periodically ask the recipient how she?s feeling. But more often than not, her body language will be telling me everything I need to know.

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Do you have any special tricks and techniques?

At Her Private Pleasures, the journey starts with the guest laying face down on my massage table. I then begin a slow, teasing and tantalizing process of building up sexual energy and arousal.

Before moving forward, I look for conscious or unconscious signs that she?s ready for further stimulation ? such as rocking of the hips, parting of the legs, and swelling and lubrication of the vulva. Once I sense she?s sufficiently warmed up, with her consent, the therapy seamlessly transitions to more sensitive areas. With a feather-like touch, I?ll gently graze and stroke her outer labia ? then run my fingers along her inner labia ? before lavishing unhurried attention on her clitoris.

After several minutes of light, teasing touch, I vary the speed, pressure, rhythm and intensity, making note of her response to each gesture. As her excitement level increases, the therapy turns internal, and I?ll massage the walls of her vagina, awakening previously numb and neglected areas within. Eventually, I?ll find my way to her G-spot, which when stimulated, can generate deep waves of full-body pleasure ? and for some women, even squirting, or female ejaculation.

Midway through the session with my guest now face up, I will devote a good deal of time gently caressing her oiled breasts before teasing, pinching and rolling her nipples between my fingers. From there, my hands will slide back down to the mound between her butterflied legs, returning her to a heightened state of arousal.

Do most women know how they like to be touched? How well do the women walking through your doors know their bodies?

Some women definitely know what they like and are not shy about letting me know. But others are really at a loss when it comes to understanding their sexuality and what gets them off. Because no two women are wired the same way, I feel it?s my job within the 60 minutes to unlock the mysteries of each woman?s body.

Some like a very slow and gentle touch. Others faster and firmer. Some prefer internal stimulation ? others external. There?s no right or wrong. I try to explore and get a sense of where the energy is coming from, and go with that.

By far, the biggest concern I hear among women is their difficulty achieving orgasm. Some are able to masturbate themselves to orgasm quite easily, but have anxiety about being unable to climax with a partner. Others are frustrated by regularly coming oh-so-close ? but never quite getting over the edge.

Some have inadvertently conditioned themselves to come only with the aid of a vibrator, and want to retrain their bodies to respond to human touch. And other say they aren?t sure if they?ve ever orgasmed at all ? to which I say, if you?re not sure, you probably haven?t.

There?s nothing quite like the look of astonishment, joy and relief on a woman?s face when I?ve helped her reach her very first orgasm ? or first orgasm brought about by another person.

A common refrain I hear is ?All this time I felt like there was something wrong with me ? that I was a sexual misfit.? No ? all this time no one ever devoted the time, energy or understanding to help you reach your orgasmic potential.

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So are you saying you can guarantee women orgasms on demand?

I would never make that promise. While most guests leave with a big happy smile, it would be presumptuous of me to guarantee a grand finale with fireworks each and every time.

Female sexual response is a mysterious thing and differs widely from woman to woman. The reality is, an orgasm resides just as much in the recipient?s head as it does in the giver?s hands. And sometimes, even after giving it my all, it ain?t gonna happen.

Anyone who claims they can guarantee orgasms on demand to every women every time is making a huge overpromise. No form of therapy is successful 100% of the time. Sensual bodywork included. But even if I fall short, the therapy can nonetheless be a blissful learning experience to help her better understand her body?s pathways to pleasure ? knowledge she can then share with her partner.

What type of women seek you out, and why do you think sensual touch therapy is such an appealing option for them?

Age-wise, I?d say it?s evenly split amongst women in their 20s through 40s ? Fewer guests in their 50s ? and occasionally, some in their 60s and beyond. All are readily welcomed.

Most women are hard-working urban professionals. Some are young moms. All seem to be stressed and yearning for a little TLC. From what I can gather, about half are single, and half are either married or involved. Most are New York City area locals, but quite a few find their way to me while passing through town on business or pleasure.

There are numerous reasons why so many women find this appealing:

There are some women who pour all their hours and energy into their career ? at the expense of their sexual self ? Others have gone through recent break-ups, crave touch, but are not yet ready to date ? Some are in sexless marriages, but don?t want to engage in the emotional entanglements of an affair ? Others are involved with selfish or clueless lovers, and are frustrated that their needs aren?t being met ? There are guests who are adventure seekers ? always chasing new experiences to check off their bucket list ? And others, quite frankly, are just plain horny ? and tell me if they don?t do something about it soon, they?re going to bust.

For whatever their reasons, I offer a safe, consensual, discreet and drama-free option that makes a lot of sense for a lot of women.

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What makes you and Her Private Pleasures so successful?

I think it?s the authentic concern I show for each and every guest?s happiness and satisfaction. And my professional yet sensitive approach that quickly puts women at ease. But really, I owe a great deal of gratitude to the guests themselves, who by posting dozens and dozens of glowing testimonials, have become my best ambassadors.

To me, providing this service is a privilege ? and I have a deep admiration and respect for any woman who empowers herself to take ownership of her body and sexuality in this way. It?s something women intuitively sense before, during and after each session.

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