Scuf Xbox One Elite vs. Scuf Infinity One Controllers

Scuf Xbox One Elite vs. Scuf Infinity One Controllers

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Over the past few months I?ve been playing a ton of XBOX and the majority of the games I play are First Person Shooter (FPS) games. I started playing Call of Duty WW2 and Halo 5 and have now I have transitioned over to Black Ops 4 and Red Dead Redemption 2 as of late.

The more Call of Duty I played, the more I started looking into some better controller options than the standard Microsoft controller that my Xbox One X came with. After an exhaustive search, it seemed like the best options were the Xbox Elite Controller or the Scuf Infinity One Controller. At the time, Scuf was sold out of the Infinity One controllers and I ended up opting for an Xbox Elite Controller. Before I could pull the trigger on the standard Microsoft Elite controllers, a lot of the reddit community and other forums mentioned a lot of issues with the stock grips and other minor issues. Turns out Scuf offers their own custom version of the Elite controller that has their proprietary grips and thumb sticks and paddles (if you choose these options) and this seemed to check off all of the boxes and I ordered one. My Scuf Elite controller was very similar to the stock Elite controller except for custom colors, scuf grips and scuf thumb sticks. I opted for the Elite paddles over the Scuf paddles because the reviews online seemed to favor them over the Scuf Elite paddles.

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A week after ordering, my Scuf Elite arrived and right away I noticed a massive upgrade in build quality over the standard Xbox controller. The materials from top to bottom are very premium and this likely adds to the very significant increase in weight that this controller has over the standard controller. The increase in weight can be a positive to some but for me it was a negative and I just found it to be hard to get comfortable with. I was never able to get comfortable with the four paddle set up on the Elite but having only the top two paddles felt perfect and worked extremely well for me as A/B mapped paddles. I found that with the weight balance and the paddles being where they are, I could never get comfortable and ergonomically it just didn?t feel right for my hands. The controller is excellently built, the companion app is incredible for customizing everything you can imagine and it?s definitely a massive upgrade over the standard Xbox controller but alas it just wasn?t for me, so I was back on the lookout for a new controller.

After months of being sold out, the Scuf Infinity One controller was available for only two days and I was able to buy one before they were once again sold out. The Infinity One is extremely customizable and I went for a blacked out color scheme, trigger stops, grips, EMR and also had the rumbles taken out.

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As soon as it arrived, my initial impression was that I was very impressed by the build quality (albeit not to the same level of the elite), extremely light weight and right away I found that the ergonomics were perfect for my hands.

After only a couple of hours of playing with the controller, I was sold. To date it?s the best controller I?ve ever used, on any console. I was able to completely customize the trigger travel by using the trigger stop tool and that made this controller feel even better.

Although it?s completely subjective, I find that the Scuf Paddles are better positioned than the Elite paddles and it allows me to hold the controller in a much more natural way. The paddles themselves are much less sensitive on the Infinity One and this is can be seen as both a good thing and a bad thing but for me it?s better. Unlike with the Elite controller, I was able to use the four paddles on the scuf and it feels completely natural and comfortable.

So ultimately when you are looking for a controller upgrade on Xbox, you can go with the Scuf Infinity One, Scuf Elite or the standard Xbox Elite controller. If you are torn between the standard Elite or the Scuf Elite, I would recommend getting the standard Elite. The Standard Elite comes with far more attachments and a case and it?s significantly cheaper than the Scuf Elite. If you are not a fan or the Elite controller?s paddles, weight or any other reason, I can?t recommend the Scuf Infinity One enough. The Infinity One size, weight, paddles, customization etc. is the best in the game and my money, it?s the best controller you can buy right now.


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