Pros and Cons of Pornography : Adult films

Pros and Cons of Pornography : Adult films

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Everything has pros and cons, benefits and disadvantages, and upsides and downsides.With this topic of pornography, many addicts have given adult entertainment a bad rep.

However, there’s two sides to every story and in this article, I’m going to address both of them and you can decide if pornography is good or bad for you.

Starting with the cons first…


Unrealistic expectations is the number one disadvantage. People, in particular men, are known for disrespectfully communicating toward women the same way they saw in adult films.

Men would get frustrated because during their teen years, “sex” was always a taboo subject that they were never openly communicated about.

Thus, they became adults utilizing their testosterone being overly aggressive “animals” trying to allure a sexual partner.

However, they are unconsciously delusional. How we test for delusion? Doing the right thing in the wrong order is still the wrong thing. Also, having expectations of output from the wrong input is also delusional.

Occasionally, women unrealistic expectations oftentimes comes from their shocking exposure to the reality of the average penis size and average session time length.

Adult film watch time tend to be longer for women than men, which adversely affects women’s ability to orgasm.

Difficulty being aroused:

If adult film viewing is overused, arousal will be difficult due to desensitization. Why? Because getting in the mood is 99% mental.

This is why when you’re super stressed, intercourse is impossible because the mind muscle connection plays a major role in arousal.

Coping with guilt and feeling remorseful:

People feel really horrible about themselves for watching adult films, oftentimes they’ve been caught in the moment or their browser history got exposed.

However, this only becomes a problem for people that hide their viewing from their partner.

People that are openly honest about their viewing habits don’t feel bad at all. Those are the ones more likely to receive more of the benefits of pornography.


Increased endurance and prolonged climax:

For many people, practice makes perfect. And those that “practice” self pleasure while viewing tend to have longer endurance and able to give better sex to their partner by prolonging their climax.

How do they avoid desensitization? Oftentimes, they balance it by not overindulging.

Educated on sexual positions:

Most people would stick solely with missionary without the education of positions throughout adult films.

Like I said earlier, only practice makes perfect, but awareness is definitely a great way to start.

Spices up relationship without actually cheating:

Many married couples have had sex hundreds of times, literally and over time, it can grow a little dull.

So to prevent taking your partner’s body for granted in its beauty, many people need to glimpse at other’s physique on screen to almost “forget” about what they have, which bring that brand new vibe back in the bedroom at home.

Similarly with food, no one wants to eat pizza everyday no matter how good it is. So they occasionally mix it up. Now you can’t mix up your partner without cheating, so adult films is the closest substitute without ethically committing an affair.


There’s pros and cons to pornography. It helps some and hurts others. To each is own. Hopefully this information can help you make an informed decision on adding or subtracting it for the benefit of your life.

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