Prayer of Devotion to Santa Muerte

Prayer of Devotion to Santa Muerte

My White Child, My Black Lady, My Most Holy Saint Death,

Thanking you for all that you do, have done and go on doing for me, I declare myself filled with love and devotion for you, and I surrender myself to you. I recognize myself as your subject, and recognize you as my queen. I ask that you always keep me under your white, red, purple, green, golden, silvery and black blanket, and that you take me by your hand and walk with me always towards the path of liberty, abundance, happiness and prosperity. That you find me, if I am lost, and that you walk with me from that moment throughout the eternity.

I ask you with my soul and my heart, my Beloved Patron, to receive me, welcome me and keep me in your kingdom, and that you allow me to accomplish everything that I seek to accomplish, always with your blessings and under your guidance.

This I ask of you, my Most Holy Saint Death of my life, while surrendering my full devotion to you.

So may it be, with your blessing. Please stay with me and keep me with you at all times.

Before your prayer and petition, light up a golden, a white and a black candle, three Sandalwood incense sticks and a cigarette, offering them to the Bony Lady, as well as a candy, a bread, a glass of water, a glass of good Tequila, and three flowers: a yellow one, a white one and another one that is as dark as possible.

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