OSRS Blood Runecrafting: Abyss vs. Running for the Altar

OSRS Blood Runecrafting: Abyss vs. Running for the Altar

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There are two ways to craft Blood Runes. One is to have 100% favor with the Arceuus House and at least level 77 Runecrafting. The other is to go to the Inner Ring of the Abyss where all altars can be located. However, this begs the question ?Which one is better??

The Arceuus House Altar

The Arceuus House altar is safer without the risk of creatures or Player Killers around. You also don?t need a talisman nor a tiara to craft there. The most difficult it gets is gathering the favor to be able to use it. It does have the Soul altar, an essence mine, and the Dark altar nearby, though. That makes things convenient for mining essences and turning them into dark fragments for crafting.

Aside from the favor gathering, there is no bank nearby. It is the safer option, and there?s even a dense essence mine and a Dark altar nearby.

The Abyss

The Abyss is a location in the wilderness, filled with abyssal creatures and PKers. After gaining entrance through a quest, they have to go through a creature filled room before getting to the inner ring. The latter is where all the altars for Runecrafting are, except the Wrath and Astral ones. Talismans or tiaras are not needed as well. However, any altars that become available after certain quests still need the completion of those quests. There?s also a Dark Mage in the center of the inner ring who will repair your essence pouches for free.

The PKers and creatures are still a threat going to and fro the Abyss. It doesn?t help that without a certain accessory, you are instantly skulled and prayer goes straight to 0 when you enter the Abyss. There are also obstacles hindering your entrance to the inner ring. If you have low levels of Woodcutting, Mining, Agility, or Thieving, you?ll have a hard time getting in. Then there?s the restriction of using a dark essence block on the rifts for the Blood and Soul altars. Thankfully, that only should be done once, after making runes of that kind first.

The Conclusion

It seems to depend on whether you want excitement or the safer option. The Aruceuus House is the safer and more relaxing option. Do the tasks asked of you, gain favor, and then mine and make runes. Going to the Abyss means more preparation. You?ll need gear, certain skill levels, and the presence of mind to avoid monsters or other players. In the long run, you can 99 Runecrafting by going to the Abyss, but it?s riskier. You stand to lose your OSRS gold, equipment and items.

However, you?re free to make whatever rune you want in the Abyss, being that most of the needed altars are there. So it all depends on whether you want risky convenience or comfortable routine. Whatever way you want to make your Blood runes, we hope you continue enjoying your OSRS adventures. Happy leveling!

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