How you can use the PS4 Web Browser.

How you can use the PS4 Web Browser.

If you are using the Web Browser that comes with your PS4, Might be you probably are not know how you can use it, the first thing that it does not support the flash plug-in( means that sometimes in some websites which require flash might not display properly).

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According to play station support, if this is a big problem for you, visiting the mobile version of a website will produce a more PS4 friendly rendering.

So, the question is how to access it?

  • Select the ?www? icon from your content area on your console. Press the triangle button; enter a URL into the address bar.
  • Change the web filtering options in your settings; through this, you will be able to track the 8 most recently visited pages.

This all seems slightly difficult but the Dual Shock 4 provides several text-input options (it does also include to use the touchpad to select letters). Download the PlayStation App on your phone or tablet, then select the ?connect to PS4? option (when you?re on a shared Wi-Fi connection and also use the on-screen keyboard). You could also use the Bluetooth or USB keyboard to your PS4.

  • On the other side, the browser is based on Web Kit (it means it is an open source and also powers Firefox and Chrome)

PlayStation also claims that, overall, the browser is faster and more compatible than the browser that comes with PS3.

The advantage for gamers is being able to cut between gaming and browsing.

It is just for you to know how you can use the PS4 Web Browser.

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