What is Google Trader Software? Is it a forex trading platform from Google? Is it good? How to download or register it? Today, all of your questions will be answered in this Google Trader Software reviews.

Is Google Trader Software from Google Inc.?

Well, yes and no. In fact, Google did have a plan for a product called ?Google Trader? back in 2012 or 2013. However, this ?Google Trader? is nothing related to forex trading. It is like an online market that people can go there to sell or buy stuff. It was discontinued by Google.

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On the other hand, the Google Trader Software that is in fact a trading software is actually named ?GoogleTrader?, without the space. It is not a software developed by Google. The reason it is named after the giant tech firm is that this system uses Google Search for the latest trend and signals to trade accordingly. Moreover, we think that this could be a marketing scheme.

What is Google Trader Software?

This is an automatic trading system that mostly focuses on binary options. You go to their website and choose a broker from their list. Then, you deposit some money in and the system will trade forex for you based on the trends and signals it gathers from Google Search. If the trades are successful, profits will be transferred to your bank account.

How does Google Trader Software work?

It depends on an algorithm that finds the most talked about trends and signals on Google Search. Once it finds out what they are, Google Trader Software will execute buying or selling orders accordingly. Overall, it has no trading strategies. Just a copy of the most popular ones on the Internet.

Is Google Trader Software good?

The answer is no. Once you go to the website, you can easily see that it is quite fishy and dangerous. There is no guarantee for your profits and there are very few reviews about this system on the Internet. I must say you shouldn?t trust this site.

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Although Google Trader Software is free of charge for its service, you have to face more drawbacks. First of all, the number of brokers you can work with is very limited. In our opinion, all of those brokers pay them to be here. Moreover, the minimum deposit to start trading is around $250, which is too high. Check out the brokers with low minimum deposit rates. Finally, the server seems to be very weak. You may get disconnected at any moment.

So, should we use it?

Well, after this Google Trader Software reviews, the answer is clearly no. How about other automated trading systems? Well, we would not suggest you use any systems. Most of those systems are built to scam traders. First of all, it will let you win a little until you have total trust on the system and deposit big money in hope of greater profits. Yet that is the moment the system fails and you lose all of your money. You trade forex by yourself. You will succeed by learning and practicing.

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