My story of Siege

My story of Siege

Hello, I?m 21 Years old from Iran and people on the internet call me Kambiz.

First of all, I am not a gamer, my life is not based on video games. I never decided to create content by playing video games and making money or building a life from it. Why? As I said at the beginning, I live in Iran and hopefully, if you know the situation of the country, I don?t have to explain anything else.

I am a programmer, not that evil type that writes cheats for video games. I started programming 8 years ago and I code the Back-End side of Web applications, that?s what I do for a living.

I am Sub.Script

Yes, my username in Uplay is Sub.Script, I haven?t change it yet. who knows, maybe I will change it in the future. Some people in the siege community know me as the most boosted player to ever exist on the planet and some know me as the booster of the siege community.

Image for postMy profile in Operation Shifting Tides

Everyone in the siege community without even knowing me as a person or without knowing my story, say I?m bad at this game and I can?t even play this game, only because I boosted myself.

We all know that it is hard to argue with people on the internet and try to convince them that they are wrong about something. So I decided to write an article, answer some common questions and tell everyone my story of Siege then hopefully change some people?s minds about myself.

When did I start playing Siege?

I?ve been playing the cracked version (Offline/LAN) of Siege from operation Red Crow (Year 1, Season 4), then after 8 months, a friend from Germany bought this game for me on Steam (Because of the bank?s sanctions, I?m not able to buy things directly from outside Iran with my credit card.) then I officially started playing Siege from operation Blood Orchid (Year 2, Season 3).

I didn?t take Siege that Seriously

For a year, till operation Grim Sky (Year 3, Season 3) I didn?t take this game so seriously. I just played the secure area game mode with my IRL friends and back then, even though they were bad at the game, I had lots of fun with them.

After playing Siege for a while, I started to like the game and decided to become a better player. I did lots of research on the internet like every newbie player. I switched to Bomb only game mode. After some time I realized that Iran doesn?t have good players and the only way to get better is to start playing Siege with non-Iranian players. So I suddenly decided to stop playing with my Iranian friends and to start searching for non-Iranian players.

Finding friends to play with

My main language is Persian. when I was younger, my English was a lot worse than it is now. So it was really hard for me to find people to play with.

I played lots of solo casual matches hoping to meet new people. I found some friends from Austria. Their rank was high plat and diamond with less than 1 KD Ratio (about 0.7).

I played a lot of casual matches with them and they would tell me how to give callouts in the game, how to play, how to push etc. But the truth is they were all playing like high Golds, I was just playing with them because I wanted to learn calls, that was it.

One day I asked a guy from the squad that I?ve been playing with, why don?t you play ranked? Why are you even playing with me? How did you get such a high Rank with less than 1 KD Ratio, how is that possible? He introduced me to Ubisoft?s matchmaking system. that without cheating, how you can boost players to any rank by just abusing the matchmaking system.

Once he told me about that stuff, I thought they are cheating and trolling me, then after lots of discussions, I left them and I went back to my old Iranian friends. I told them what was going on and why I was not present for these past few months and I also told them about boosting and abusing matchmaking systems.

They were interested and we decided to try it out just for our selves to find out if it works or not, it worked. I easily got my Plat 1 rank in Operation Grim Sky (Year 3, Season 3) and I also boosted lots of my Iranian friends (about 16 people) to Plat 1 and higher ranks as well. After that, we did the same thing for the following season, operation Wind Bastion.

Siege wasn?t fun anymore

I don?t know why but at this step, Siege wasn?t fun anymore. I recognized that everyone was seeing me as the manager of a small boosting service. They kept messaging me and asking me questions like, Oh when are we gonna play next matches, What are we gonna do now? and they just wanted their rank, not me as a friend. It was a difficult time? I left them.

Finding the right friends to play with

And once again, I played so many casual matches to find some friends. I found a very talented guy from Germany who was kinda new to the game (Low level), he started playing with me just because I had a high rank and a high level (+270) back then.

And I also found some other people to play with from Germany, France, Belgium, Slovenia, South Africa, Finland, and the Netherlands. Their rank was high Plat and Diamond with more than 1 K/D ratio. They were legit and talented players.

I couldn?t even compare my Iranian friends to them, they were just on the next level. In just a short period of time, they told me how to play siege even better, how to speak English better, how to give better calls, they taught me everything that I had to know about the game.

I was so happy about it. In return, I told them about abusing the matchmaking, I never told them anything about my old friends and what happened at the end with them.

So we all started to boost ourselves to what we wanted. Yeah, we did it, we all got the maximum rank which was Diamond, in Operation Wind Bastion. At that point, I had 10 or 11 friends that had participated in Boosting and gotten their ideal rank.

They privately informed their friends about this little boosting community and invited many people to this boosting cycle. In operation Burnt Horizon I had like 23 friends who got boosted or boosted other people without even considering money.

We just kept Boosting each other and everyone was happy about it, but I wasn?t, because I already knew what was gonna happen at the end.

I was not the only one boosting at the time

We played lots of matches together, we met so many new players and grew our boosting community.

But I noticed something really interesting. Back then I thought I am the only one who had a small boosting community. But I was wrong. In a short amount of time, I met so many people that had their own boosting community? then I realized there are so many boosted players and so many people Abusing the matchmaking system these days, this thing is not even fun anymore and some people are building websites and making money off of it. Things are out of control?

As I said, we played lots of matches and boosted lots of people. That meant we played against so many smurfs and boosting squads as well. On my main account, I managed to win +98% of the matches in 2 seasons.

Image for postImage for postImage for postAfter getting 20 kills, they surrendered in the last round. My friend and I were playing together.

I decided to do something about it

So as a programmer, who likes to solve problems, I decided to warn Ubisoft?s developers. I know Ubisoft has a portal called R6Fix and players can provide bug reports for the game on it. But, I didn?t want to create such a public topic on their website about it. So I anonymously, without informing anyone else, sent 4 emails to Ubisoft about this. After a week or so, they only responded to one of my emails and simply rejected everything that I had reported. They were saying ?Our system is completely perfect?, just because I didn?t have any proof for what I was saying. They had no idea what I was talking about.

So I sacrificed myself

At this point, it probably was a bad idea, but I decided to warn Ubisoft?s developers in another way.

Yes, I boosted myself to +10K MMR in operation Burnt Horizon.

Did Ubisoft?s developers pay attention to this issue? As far as I knew, they hadn?t done anything about it.

Maybe I wasn?t good enough to get their attention, So I boosted some more players to +5K and +6K MMR as well. They still didn?t do anything about it.

I did it once again in operation Phantom Sight, I boosted myself to +9K MMR and some more players to +6K MMR as well.

Image for postMy seasonal stats in operation Burnt Horizon and Phantom Sight

Finally, Ubisoft?s developers paid attention to the Boosting problem

At the end of operation Phantom Sight, Ubisoft?s developers noticed the issue and did something about it. they released the patch notes of the next season (Operation Ember Rise) and finally fixed the ?boosting with coppers? problem by simply adding a limit to the MMR gap between party members.

Image for postRank Restriction ? Operation Ember Rise patch notes

Think about it for a second, if I hadn?t done what I did:

  • How many Boosted player would siege have?
  • How many people would still make money from boosting other people in Siege?
  • Would you like to queue in rank with your friends in Gold/Plat ELO and play against a diamond squad Boosting themselves? and lose your ELO afterward?
  • Would anyone else notify Ubisoft?s developers about this issue?
  • Even if the game developers would notice about it, would they do anything about it?

Have the developers completely fixed Boosting by now?

Sadly, the answer is No. they haven?t completely fixed Boosting yet.

These days, To Abuse the Ubisoft?s matchmaking system, players can:

  • Boost their 10 placement matches by queuing with copper accounts
  • After 10 placement matches, queue with Unranked accounts until they get placed themselves

In simpler words, Unranked accounts don?t have any restrictions yet.

Image for postLeaked scoreboard from Spoit.GODSENT while Boosting ? It?s all about money 🙂 keep subscribing to them

My advice to Ubisoft?s developers about Boosting

Honestly, If they want to Prevent and Fix Boosting (with Matchmaking abusing, Cheating, or even DDoS attacks) in this game, once and for all, there is only one way to do it.

Make the match histories of the players Publicly Available on the Internet or even in the game. So we can Inspect a Player from Official Tom Clancy?s Rainbow Six Siege Stats website (Not any third party websites, Because they can manipulate Data and it?s hard to trust them). this way we can see who that person has played with in the past.

Trust me on this one, I was involved with boosting for a very, very long time. When Boosters see such a feature in the game, they will automatically stop doing it and more importantly, they will stop paying money to boosters.

If Ubisoft is not storing such Data yet. I know and I understand, it is hard to store such a big amount of Data, that will Never be checked for +85% of the players, and I understand Storing this amount of information is Extremely Costly. But this is the only way.

If Ubisoft is storing such Data right now, Then why is it not Publicly Available?

Some more facts

  • From a year and a half ago, I Boosted +89 players in Siege (I have proof) Without even earning a single penny. They are my friends and I will NEVER share their information (Not even names) with anyone else, so stop asking.
  • Just because I boosted lots of people and boosted my main account, doesn?t mean that I don?t know anything about the game. If you think like that and this is your logic, I don?t want to start arguing with you and I?m honestly sorry for you, it seems like you don?t have any brain cells left.
  • From the past 2 years, I?ve been sharing my short gameplay clips with my friends on my Discord Server. Feel free to join my Discord Server, watch my clips from 2 years ago till now, then judge my skill.
  • As I mentioned at the beginning I never intended to make money from gaming. That would explain why I didn?t upload those clips on YouTube or Instagram. But they are Publicly Available, I will Never hide my clips.
  • I?ve been playing with+140 ping and up to 5% packet lost on West EU servers from the beginning ?till now. Because Ubisoft doesn?t have any servers near Iran and we are all forced to play on West EU servers. People also call me a ping abuser, when they don?t even know how many disadvantages I get in the game because of it. I just have one universal answer for them, turn on your VPN and start playing with +140 ping. When you lose so many simple gunfights only because of your ping, You will understand what disadvantages it has. Having a high ping in this game is not an advantage.
  • I can?t participate in any competitive tournaments because of my high ping.
  • +80% of my friends just see me as a boosting machine and not a real human being who has feelings. after operation Ember Rise slowly left me behind. As I mentioned before, I was aware of this several seasons ago.


I don?t care if people in the Siege community call me a boosted player. I?m getting used to it. Every time I queue anything with my main account, players start to roast me without even knowing me as a person.

The Siege community is toxic. I don?t even answer them in the game?s chat, I just keep ignoring them. Because as I said, it?s hard to argue with people and convince them on the internet.

Deep in my heart, I?m happy that I did something to make this game better.

In my honest opinion, I believe I did the right thing.

I just hope the game is better now.

Contact me

Many social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn are Blocked in Iran. So if anyone wants to mention me on social media, please keep in mind that I don?t have that much activity in them.

Just saying! I?m a patient, non-toxic and friendly person who always minds his own business and doesn?t have any problem with anyone else on the internet. So If you want to start an argument with me, you will not get anywhere.

Twitter: [at] Skr1p7

For my gameplay clips from the past 2 years till now and some memes, Feel free to join my Discord Server it has nothing more or nothing less in it.


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