Moderator bots

Moderator bots

If you?re a streamer or you have considering streaming, you?ve probably asked yourself what tools you should be using, so here?s a guide to the best ones I recommend upon starting your Twitch streaming life.

The guide includes:

  • Moderator bots
  • Donation tools
  • Analytic tools
  • Twitch trackers
  • Bonus round: emoticons and stream health

You can find the full in-depth and up-to-date guide over on our website:

The Best Tools for Twitch Streaming – The Emergence

If you are a streamer or you have considering streaming, you’ve probably asked yourself what tools you should be using?

Leave the heavy lifting to some bots that live in your chat. These bots will help with chat moderation and provide simple answers based on popular commands that viewers can ask.

Some of the most popular and best include:

  • Nightbot
  • Moobot
  • Streamlabs Bot
  • PhantomBot

For ALL the Twitch Bots, read our full in-depth guide:

The Best Bots for Twitch

What are some of the bots you use and love? Here’s a simple but complete guide to every bot you could ever use to?

Donation tools

There are two different types of donations on Twitch, these include Bits and Donations.

Twitch Bits / Cheering

Donations (and tips)

Using the below tools, you can set up a Paypal, Google Wallet or to allow users to donate money from their accounts to yours. (You may also use a tool such as Patreon or GameWisp to get a monthly subscription.)

But there are individual donation tools such as:

  1. Streamtip ? Streamtip is one of the best way for live streamers to collect tips on the Internet.
  2. Treatstream

However, donation tools tend to act as total management dashboards such as:

  1. Streamlabs
  2. StreamElements
  3. Muxy
  4. StreamJar

And now for some more in-depth information on those tools:

Twitch Streaming Management Tools:

  • Streamlabs
  • StreamElements
  • Muxy

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The best Twitch Trackers

Do you need help tracking your Twitch streaming success with followers/donations? Or just stalking your favourite broadcaster? These tools may be perfect for you.

  • TwitchTracker
  • SullyGnome
  • Socialblade
  • Twitch?s own stats dashboard

Twitch recently updated their stats page within every Dashboard. It now shows a ?stream-first? and a new heatmap mode will show how much you have streamed over the past hour.

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Twitter Analytics

If you are using Twitter to promote your stream (which you should be?) then Twitter Analytics let you see how these tweets are doing and whether anyone is seeing or engaging with them.

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Now you understand the best tools to use, read our full guide to your first stream on Twitch:

Getting Started On Twitch: Your First Stream

So you are going to stream on Twitch for the first time ever, but where do you start?

  • #updated 23/10/2017 ? Added StreamElements and switched Bebo from a Bot to a full all-in-one tool.
  • #updated 22/11/2017 ? Added more information on bots and Bebo
  • #updated 02/01/2018 ? Added TwitchTracker and switched Bebo to open-alpha
  • #updated 05/02/2018 ? Added more information to bots
  • #updated 05/02/2018 ? Added more information to bots, twitch donations and Bebo
  • #updated 19/01/2019 ? Re-wrote half the post, updated information about Bebo and StreamElements, tidied up grammar across the whole guide
  • #updated 17/07/2019 ? Re-wrote entire guide, and uploaded to our website.

What is The Emergence?

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Written by Mark Longhurst.


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