BOOX unveils its best 6” eReader with Android 9.0

BOOX unveils its best 6” eReader with Android 9.0

BOOX?s ID designers are always pushing their boundaries and aim to provide smaller, lighter, and thinner devices each time. Introducing BOOX Poke2, a 6 inch Android 9.0 Ebook Reader. Smaller than a palm-size and around the weight of 3 eggs, Poke2 boasts the smallest eReader in the industry. You can easily slide it into your pocket and carry it around with you. Poke2 is available for order from BOOX Shop and Aliexpress Store. Buy Poke2, get protective cover FOR FREE.

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BOOX Poke2 features the 4th generation E Ink HD Carta display with AG anti-glare cover-lens and a resolution of 1488 x 1072 at 300dpi, offering sharper and clearer text and image details. It is eye-friendly and readable directly in the sunlight. You can comfortably read on it for hours without eyestrain. If you want to read in the night, Poke2 is a perfect choice for you as well. Poke2 comes with 32-level adjustable warm and cold Frontlights. You can toggle between the two colors and find the optimal color temperature for your eyes in the dark. The warm hue is recommended for your night reading since it helps with your sleep.

Poke2 employs Qualcomm Octa-core 2.0GHz processor, 2GB RAM, 32GB storage, Dual-band WiFi(2.4GHz and 5GHz), Bluetooth, and Microphone ? the best hardware specification on any E Ink eReaders. It increases performance by 10% and improves power efficiency by 30%. The Octa-core processor enables a remarkable level of performance and ensures smooth running and loading of all documents and apps on the devices. 32GB Storage lets you carry thousands of ebooks and audios around. Dual-band WiFi gives a more stable internet connection and faster transmission speed. You can pair Poke2 with Bluetooth-enabled earphones or speakers to enjoy audible books, music, and a lot of audios. With built-in Microphone, you can even record your voice memo.


Poke2 is the only eReader equipped with the open Android 9.0 operating system in the market. Android 9.0 provides extra layer security and better compatibility with third-party apps. It supports almost all types of ebook formats including PDF, DJVU, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, AZW, AZW3, RTF, DOC, DOCS, HTML, PDB, FB2, CBR, CBZ, CHM, JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF. You can expect high-level customization of reading experience on Poke2: change fonts and font sizes, adjust image or text contrast, bold text, reflow the whole book, and more. Scrolling reading mode for PDF books removes the hassle of turning pages.

Android apps are normally developed for regular tablets and mobiles. Users, therefore, would not have a good user experience when installing the regular apps to E Ink devices due to the property of the E Ink screen. BOOX provides an option of automatically optimizing apps and lets users enjoy native user experience even on the E Ink devices. BOOX has included a lot of optimized third-party reading apps such as Kindle, Kobo, Nook, Tagus, NOOk in its App Store. You can download directly from the store and start to enjoy millions of titles from your favorite reading apps.

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BOOX recently introduced its brand new app BOOX Assistant, which allows users to share web articles/documents/files from Android mobiles to BOOX devices. Poke2 also includes this great feature. For example, when you read a very good long web article on your Mobile, you can share the article with Poke2 instantly through BOOX Assistant. The shared article would be automatically converted into the ePub format and you will read the article just like reading a local ebook on Poke2. Then you can highlight, annotate, and translate selected text. You can even change the formats of the article such as change fonts and spacing style.

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Poke2 also inherits Navigation Ball ( equivalent to iPhone AssistiveTouch) just like the other BOOX devices. You can have quick access to different functions and double-tapping the Ball will return to the Home screen. This makes Poke2 more user friendly. You will also be able to see the summary of your reading activities via the new feature Reading Statistics from firmware V2.3. You can see the books that have been read and completed recently. And you can also check all the highlights and annotations you have made when reading.

BOOX Poke2 is small but very powerful. Order now from BOOX Shop and Aliexpress Store. Buy Poke2, get protective cover FOR FREE.

At last, we would like to share another great news that will excite all our BOOX fans. Poke2 comes not only in Black and White but also in Colors. There will be more updates in the coming months. Please stay tuned.

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