Locktober: A Treat For All

Locktober: A Treat For All

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It?s the month often associated with pumpkins, the changing of the leaves, and oh yes, and trick or treat.

The month is truly a treat for those adults who decide to partake in the tradition less often talked about: Loctober.

Yes, a whole, glorious 31, non-stop, no-being-poked-in-the-back-in-the-middle-of-the-night, no boner, chastity play month. This custom, which started online, celebrates the act of locking up (usually) male genitals in a cock cage. This can be done alone or with a partner but for best results I suggest committing yourself to seeing it through, for science of course!

While this is mostly a BDSM tradition, anyone can have at it. The idea is simple: lock up your member for a dom(me) who will torture and tease you all month long without sweet release. It?s helpful to physically hand over the key to said dom(me) for an extra dose of mind fuckery. You?ll get the trick, they?ll get the treat.

Why do people do this?

Why do people do anything remotely sex related? It?s fun, something new to try, a bit taboo, and can be quite sexy all locks considered. There are so many things that I have learned over the years of participating (as a keyholder) of Locktober. I like to think of it as Lustful Lent. You?re giving up something you enjoy (hopefully) to gain better clarity to a higher power (the keyholder), even if only for a month.

It is during this month of tease, denial, and abstinence that real insight can be gained about a person?s sexuality, motivators, and determination. What have you done for 31 days that you had absolutely little to no control over? Probably not much.

Where did chastity come from?

Chastity devices have mostly been used as early as anti-mastabatory devices. Always feared at some point in our history, masturbation has been considered sinful, immoral, a vice, and compulsory self control problem as far back as the first century! This goes for all genders. In present day Paris, at the Muse de Cluny, there is a chastity belt on display that is said to have belonged to Catherine de? Medici (a.k.a. Queen of France). And as you may have guessed the earliest speak of chastity belts are mostly found in religious readings. If you can?t get ?aroused? you won?t be able to fornicate. The first drawing of a chastity belt was shown in a book called Bellifortis, written in 1405 by a German military engineer. To top it off, no one had even mentioned using these cumbersome devices for erotic play until the early 2000s?at least not publicly.

What do they look like?

Chastity belts and cages have come a long way (unlike the wearers!) in terms of designs. The earliest prototypes were crudely handmade mocks of ?metal underwear? with holes lined on the outside. These holes had sharp, metal points that jutted away from a woman?s body. Ya know, like horns to keep the horny men, of the Middle Ages, even further away. For a time, this was mostly a female foray. This was to stay chaste during your husband or father?s absence while they were away at some battle of some sort. (Perhaps, this is where the popular term ?Girls Gone Wild? stems from??)

Don?t even ask if they were comfortable, these were built for faithfulness not fun or fashion. One of the first male chastity patents even wasn?t seen until the late 1700s.

Now female and male chastity devices can be found and locked under key. They are available everywhere from online, to sex shops, and maybe even your friend?s bedside drawer. Typically they?re made from medical grade steel, polycarbonate, silicone and are made to wear for long term or indefinite times?like 31 days. (And yes, you can still use the bathroom normally in one).

Who exactly benefits from this?

The magic of Locktober is fun for all. They aren?t even pricey with the bottom tier starting at $25 going all the way upward of $500 for a custom piece. Over the years I?ve racked up a hefty total of over $2,000 on these cocky correction cages. Can you tell I?m passionate about em?? I?ve watched the implementation of wearing one of these devices as purely physical caging evolve slowly but always surely to mental caging. The wearer is physically prevented from touching (and sometimes even seeing!) their genitals. Without the possibility of arousal clogging up our brains, a subtle shift happens. All the energy that was previously devoted to thinking about, fantasizing, or touching yourself is diverted to other areas. Namely the keyholder?s pleasure. You may notice the chastity clad individual now wants to help with chores, listen more intently to your conversations, or even (gasp!) solely focus on your sexual pleasure, all while they are on the brink of sexual skydiving daily. This is only speaking to the short term effects so imagine a full month?or more. (Trust me, it rarely wanes)

As a keyholder I get the thrill and power of literally controlling my partner?s sexual organ and orgasms. However, it also comes with a responsibility by way of pleasure and safety, so read up on this before going the distance. As a keyholder, one of the most important things is making sure that you are also getting what you need out of this arrangement and Locktober is the perfect practice playing field for this. You?d be surprised just how many sexual games there are online to explore this phenomenon.

What?s the gold at the end of the rainbow?

A simple search on social media will show you that Locktober participants are far and wide across the world, sharing picture perfect parts all locked away. It?s totally up to you how you want to go out with a bang or a whimper after successfully completing the Locktober challenge so be as creative as you like.

Anyway, don?t you think you deserve a treat this October?

d20domme is an Alternative Lifestyles & Sexuality Coach and real life FemDom. She has chronicled her decade long kinky adventures in her living BDSM memoir From Mundane To Mistress. She can be often found presenting at sex-positive events, freelance writing about kink, on podcasts, or even in your local dungeon.


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