Kindle fire! Let me tell you in itself kindle is equivalent to fire in terms of advanced features and functions. This is one of the best products that have been launched by Amazon till date. This product is especially designed for the book lovers. It has completely changed the way of reading books. Basically it is a e-book reader tablet. You can watch movies, play music, and browse the internet over it.

Kindle is completely dependent over the Wi-Fi connection in terms of functioning well. So if you want to use kindle effectively you need to have a strong and a reliable internet connection. Although it has really amazing features but it may have some bugs and errors into it too.

In the recent years one of the most common complaints related to kindle fire is kindle won?t connect to wi-fi. You have tried all the troubleshooting steps but they are of no use.

Are you fed up of its connectivity issues?

Are you frustrated? You have tried everything but kindle fire won?t connect to Wi-Fi?

Are you looking for help?

Well! Let me help you out through this article to resolve your issue. Go through this article if you want to know how to connect kindle to wi-fi?

Here are the steps:

The foremost step is press the power button for a couple of seconds and this would turn off your kindle fire. Again turn it back on again.

Make sure that you have the latest version of software on your tablet and the apps must be updated accordingly.

Make sure the airplane mode is off.

Check the time and date settings on your tablet. They must be correct or it may lead to Wi-Fi connectivity issue.

The kindle must be closer to the router if you want to connect your kindle to Wi-Fi.

Try connecting your kindle fire to wi-fi. Is it connecting? If not, You need to reset the router. You need to change the DHCP IP address to static address. In order to do this you need to turn off the router. From the router delete all the DHCP records.

Try restoring your kindle?s factory settings. This would definitely solve your issue of connectivity.

Have you followed all the troubleshooting steps mentioned above?

Are you able to resolve kindle Wi-Fi connection failure?


Still kindle can?t connect to Wi-Fi?

Does your kindle need expert help? Don?t worry Kindle help guides is here to help you. We have a team of dedicated experts who gonna diagnose your kindle fire through a remote session, diagnose the actual reason behind why kindle fire won?t connect to Wi-Fi?

We would offer you the best solution after the proper diagnosis of your device i.e. kindle fire.

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