5 Waterfalls to Visit in Puerto Rico

5 Waterfalls to Visit in Puerto Rico

By: Jowen H. Ortiz Cintrn

Image for post(Francis Prez, VIEWPR) El Atad in Ajuntas is a waterfall for the brave

You probably arrived to Puerto Rico and everyone told you to go visit the beaches. Although it?s true, the beaches are beautiful, there is another thing besides the beach that will give you an interesting experience: waterfalls. In an island like Puerto Rico, with mountains everywhere, waterfalls are an impressive show of nature. These waterfalls will surely give you the scenery to take that Instagram worthy pic or fully live your Indiana Jones/Lara Croft fantasy.

Here, I present you 5 waterfalls you can visit while in Puerto Rico. Make sure you go prepared for the adventure.

Las Delicias ? Ciales

Image for post(Francis Prez, VIEWPR)

Las Delicias in Ciales is a lovely waterfall full of potential for photographers. This waterfall is almost like a closed, magical place where the crystal-clear water makes for a perfect backdrop to all your family pictures. It?s not very deep, and you can take fun photos behind the curtain of water.

Las Delicias is a fun chill space to go with your family and spend a nice time admiring the nature in Puerto Rico.

La Planta ? Arecibo

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The waterfall La Planta in Arecibo is a new popular spot for those seeking adventure. This is an artificial waterfall, which was once a dam. Now, this inoperant dam serves as amusement for tons of brave souls that dare to jump into the deep waters of a fun experience.

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This waterfall is close to other atracctions, like La Cueva Ventana, beaches in Arecibo and other waterfalls. So, for those lovers of adventure and exploring, put on your favorite playlist and embark in a Puerto Rican adventure.

Oh! Don?t worry about the parking, there is a close space for you to park your car.

El Atad ? Adjuntas

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Does the name El Atad sounds like an adventure? Because the road to this waterfall is definitely an adventure. Nonetheless, it?s a worthy one. The road to find this waterfall will make you feel like an action hero from a movie. Walk upstream to find a series of other small waterfalls before you find El Atad. During the road, open your eyes to every picture worthy spot, there are tons.

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Once you get to El Atad, climb to the top and feel the rush of a 30 or 40 feet jump. Don?t be scared, it?s not as bad as it seems. Be brave and live the experience.

Image for post(Francis Prez, VIEWPR)

This waterfall is a great oportunity to explore the ecosystem of a river. But, make sure you go with comfortable clothes, you?ll need them for the adventure.

Gozalandia ? San Sebastin

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Gozalandia in San Sebastin is mostly know for two waterfalls. One is probably the most beautiful waterfall in Puerto Rico. The wall from this huge waterfall is made of limestone, a beautiful piece of art from nature.

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Gozalandia offers a diversity of activities for the whole family. For the adventurers, there are other places to explore like the other most know waterfall from Gozalandia- the one with a swing- , an underwater passage to a cave, and more mini waterfalls. To those who enjoy a chill vibe, you can have a relaxing day close to the river, watching people try their most incredible jumps from the top of the waterfall.

It?s a waterfall with an easy access and a paid parking lot.

La Coca ? El Yunque, Ro Grande

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La Coca in el Yunque is probably one of our must emblematic waterfalls. It is a huge waterfall, great for taking pictures and start your journey through El Yunque, where you?ll be able to find more waterfalls. To find this waterfall, you won?t need to walk that much. It is right next to a bridge.

Remember your time in Puerto Rico with a family portrait infront of this magnificent showcase of mother nature.

Put on your comfortable shoes, pack your bathing suit, check the weather, and go on a road trip to one of these waterfalls. Discover all that Puerto Rico has to offer!


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